Saturday, December 12, 2015

The fair isle scarf

This is coming along:

I'm still vamping on it and there are so many different combinations it is going to be on interesting scarf!

We saw and heard Yo Yo Ma last night--he was incredible! I had tears in my eyes when he was playing his signature piece, Bach's Suite Number One for Cello--you probably heard him play it on a West Wing Christmas show. :-)

In other holiday news: here is my favorite ornament on the tree:

We bought this at a little store "up the McKenzie" (ie about an hour from our house) many years ago.

Christmas Quiz: which family member is pictured in this photograph (species required, exact name optional):


kathy b said...

I love the scarf Kim . It is so pretty!!

kayT said...

I see that cat. But what is that ornament?? I must be dense this morning.

Kim in Oregon said...

kayT wins for spotting jessie under the tree!

The ornament got a bit washed out by the flash--it is a silver reindeer that is delicate and beautiful--if it ever stops being dark here I'll take a non flash picture!