Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thunder only happens...

...well pretty much never in Oregon, but we are in the middle of a thunderstorm right now (if you don't pay attention to Northwest weather--and why would most of you?--we are having a very rainy period right now. Lots of flooding. It is, however, turning to snow in the mountains which is WONDERFUL for many reasons--but mostly to ensure we have adequate snowpack in the spring--for that is where we get our water in the summer).

So yes, we are having a thunder storm. Pilot is freaking out and Comet is wondering why Pilot is freaking out. Jessie cat is hiding out behind my computer monitor and Stella is clueless so she is in her regular Stella spot in the guest room.

I finished the Tucker sweater (except for the underarm grafts) and:

It is small. I am hoping that this stretches out when I block it (given the high % of cotton I am hoping that it might) but if not, if there is a size 6 or 8 that wants this sweater let me know.

In other news: I am currently at 'grade 0' which means I have nothing to grade ONLY because people haven't submitted their stuff--I have six student prospectuses to review but the class only gets a P or a No P and so all they have to do is turn stuff in--I can review things at my leisure (one or two a day)--and I have a few students who have told me that their stuff won't be in til the weekend (they had this option so that's fine). A week ago I was anticipating 39 papers to grade and only have seven left so I am feeling accomplished.

The tree is fully decorated and most of the geegaws of the holidays are now up (we don't go overboard). We need to do outside stuff and our final inside task--the hanging of the silver bells (which sounds more grand than it is) will happen this weekend.

I hope you are having a beautiful sunny (or rainy) day (whichever you prefer).


elns said...

Oh the pace sounds good over there. I love the Pet report. haha way better than the stupid "storm reports" we are getting over here, for a bit of local drizzle!

kathy b said...

I hope the rain isnt' too terrible by you. I Love a storm thunder storm any day of the year.
I love your sweater! Oh my it is gorgeous

fillyjonk said...

Your storm (what's left of it) is supposed to hit down here....just in time for graduation.

I'm hoping it's mostly rained out by then. Last spring's graduation was indoors (fortunately) but featured a power outage and people having to walk through six inches of water (in some places) to get back to their cars.

A power outage in a basketball stadium with close to 1000 people in there is not a good thing. Luckily there were cops on hand to direct people how to leave safely and calmly.