Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tot: After the Holiday Rush

In response to Carole's question today--what am I looking forward to after the holiday rush--I planned to do a Neil Young parody for a hot minute until I realized that a. many people may not get the musical reference to a 70s song and b. I got really stuck after the first line ("Well I dreamed I slept all night and slept in next morning). So no clever parody for you today, so sorry!

But I am looking forward to:

1. Boxing day with our friends Steve and Jen and their kids--we have a good time eating finger foods and catching up.
2. Netflix movies and generally hanging out in the cozy room with the fire on with TIm, dogs and knitting.
3. Maybe some walks in the snow because the rain might turn into snow on Christmas! Maybe we'll even get out the snowshoes!
4. Getting my decluttering project into high gear. I've been doing a bit of this here and there and it really is a good feeling.
5. Reading--I have probably a dozen books lined up on the Kindle.
6. Jigsaw puzzles--post Christmas is just about the only time of the year that I have patience for this!
7. Leftovers--I make a delicious stuffed tenderloin for Christmas eve and the leftovers are often even better!
8. Sleeping in. Because sleep.
9. Days getting a bit longer, a few minutes at a time.
10. A good and peaceful new year!


kathy b said...

I did a virtual puzzle the other day. SO FUN

Bonny said...

I feel calmer already just reading your list. Sleep along with a good and peaceful New Year sound just about perfect!

Kwizgiver said...

Your list made me happy. Especially sleep!

elns said...

Good stuff, I'm anxious to get some of that sleep thing. I took next week off, and though we are out of town for part of it, I am just grateful ... for the time.

AsKatKnits said...

Pure, uninterrupted reading FTW!

rosy said...

Aah! I hope all your plans come to fruition! Sounds lovely