Tuesday, December 08, 2015

ToT: Joyous Holiday Edition

Today Carole asks what are ten things we truly enjoy about the holidays.

I must admit that I am a person who in her head demands that the holidays be absolutely perfect and generally end up somewhat disappointed when the perfect holiday did not happen. I've really been working on that--to repaint that kind of messed up picture. Thanks Carole for helping out in that regard! Here is my list:

  1. The tree-I really love our Christmas tree. Most of the ornaments have a special significance and I love how they look with the lights. Interestingly--I'm a bit insistent that the tree come down on January 1 (or the 2nd at the latest).
  2. Christmas movies--not the cheesy ones but we have a tradition of watching either "White Christmas" or "Polar Express" during the season--I know a lot of people think the Polar Express is creepy but we like it.
  3. Christmas eve tradition: movie (see above although this year might be "Love Actually"), opening one gift, and a beautiful tenderloin dinner.
  4. Christmas cards--I like getting them, I like sending them.
  5. "Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel"--the most haunting carol of all time (although it is actually an advent song right?)
  6. Putting bows on the dogs (we used to put them on the cats but no).
  7. Peppermint everything.
  8. Our tradition of making a gift for each other. You've seen Tim's gift for this year and I am ready to start on his gift for next year!
  9. Pictures of babies in Christmas outfits--I think seeing pictures of kids is one of the reasons I like getting cards so much.
  10. The way the world seems to truly go silent on Christmas eve.
I look forward to reading yours!


Donna said...

I agree - I love Polar Express. I cry every time they arrive at the North Pole. Once in a while they still play it at the IMAX.

AsKatKnits said...

Polar Express is a fantastic movie! My kids loved it almost as much as they loved reading the book in our pj's, with hot chocolate and nougat candies. Those were the days! Great list!!

kathy b said...

Your list is great. Love the baby nod!

Leslie said...

!!Peppermint everything!!!

Mary Lou said...

Hey Kim! You won a skein of yarn on my blog, Yarnerinas. Send me your address and I'll mail it off to you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

O Come Emmanuel is one of my favorite carols too.

Bridget said...

What a great list! I missed this week altogether, sigh.

I love "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and can't wait to sing it every year.

It was a rule in our house growing up that you don't even consider taking down the tree and decorations until after January 6, so we do that.

And I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It disappoints me that fewer people are sending them.

Thanks for such a fun post!

KSD said...

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year because of that Quiet.

rosy said...

Love Christmas Eve too ~ my favourite day of the year ~ by the afternoon everything is 'done' and we can just enjoy