Tuesday, December 01, 2015

ToT: November Recap

Today's topic: ten things I did in November (oops just reread prompt. It is supposed to be the ten best things. These are all ten interesting things. You will just have to deal).

1. Well, I did an awful lot of blogging.
2. Last night I introduced my friend Lauren Kessler at a reading of her new book. You might enjoy it (there is a wee bit of knitting in it): "Raising the Barre" at Amazon .
3. Finished the big pink sweater (only it needs blocking).
4. Got our Christmas tree (it is in a bucket on the patio but still it is in the 'house').
5. Checked the ice rink schedule because when I'm on sabbatical I"m going to go ice skating during the public sessions at our indoor rink.
6. Finished a really really really long book.
7. Wore the boots (twice) that are really cute but I keep forgetting that I own.
8. Put the flannel sheets on the bed. Heaven!
9. Made peace with not getting to 10,000 steps every day (see #5. I will CRUSH the fitbit during my sabbatical).
10. Enjoyed reading about people's adventures during NaBloPoMo!

I might take tomorrow off.
I might.
We'll see.


Bridget said...

I think that is a good list of bests! We still have to get our tree. And I don't know how to ice skate, but someday I'll try it.

Congratulations to your friend!

rosy said...

You have an indoor ice rink? Lucky! We have an outdoor one in Watford just in the lead-up to Christmas and, I think, until the New Year. I will blog about it if I find someone to go with . . . .

Sally said...

Planning my sabbatical is my favourite waste of time. I'm not actually having one, but I still like to plan it.

Good luck with the skating!

Kim in Oregon said...

Rosy--yes it is an indoor rink--it rarely gets cold enough for long enough to sustain an outdoor one! It is open all year but oddly enough I never think to go there in the summertime!

kathy b said...

Love your list!
It is December......I think I read more books this year that in many years past. Retirement will do that for you!
I should try to skate again!

elns said...

I always enjoy the lists :) I am inspired by your ice skating idea. How wrong is it I don't want to ice skate with anyone who is not confident? I don't want anyone to go down on my watch.

I admit to getting a little obsessive with my Fitbit. Not so much the 10k steps thing, but the whole I forgot to wear it today thing, and being really frustrated even when I'm getting lots of exercise, like it doesn't count, ha! what a weirdo!