Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stuff

Lots of miscellania in this post, so beware!

I'm not the only crafter  My better half is much, much better at a number of crafts than I--he is building his own kayak, he is a potter who makes non-lopsided pots, and now he is officially a chair seat weaver:

I bought some beautiful dining room chairs in 1990 (from the Crate and Barrel Furniture Store on Mass Ave in Cambridge--anyone remember that? I lived right by there on Centre Street--about halfway between Central and Harvard Squares). Anyway--these chairs have lived in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Oregon, and have been seating places not only for us but for six assorted cats over time that have not treated them as respectfully as we might have wished. So the woven seats were getting pretty torn up, to the point that we would occasionally wonder if we were just going to fall through them. I found a person last summer who said she could reweave them and she took one for a test--and it cost over $200. When we learned the price of materials was about $25, Tim opined that he could figure out how to fix them himself. And so he has. 

Here he is starting to weave the horizontal strips in after placing the vertical strips on.
A close up of the strips going in.

And after some back and forth, the finished product! This is the second one he has finished, and we have one left. Now we can sit at the dining room table without fear of hitting the floor!

 Reading  I'm reading a book called 'Before We Met' which is about a woman whose husband has misled her about his past. It is pretty good.

Watching  We sadly finished the third season of "Ray Donovan". Last night we watched "Mr. Holmes" which was a very sweet and slow movie (in a good way).

Fun Even though yesterday was cold and damp, we walked around a local nature preserve called "Delta Ponds" and saw several birds including a cormorant. Then we went to the mall and warmed up while looking at the miniature railroad exhibit.

My dog knits
Not really.

Morning Moon
Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Slowly growing

Cache cache, that is:

This is five repeats in--the pattern itself recommends eight but I may go for more so I can wrap it around twice. We'll see. It goes pretty quickly and it fun to see the colors change.

The sabbatical has exited the 'frantically putting words down on paper" phase to a more contemplative reading-and-thinking-about-the-reading phase. That's good! I also have been taking a bit more time for me. I also have a new project going with some new colleagues and that seems to be working well too.

AND I collected data for what I swear will be the last study I personally initiate.

I'm writing (in my head) an opinion piece called "The Myth of Colloquial Understanding" which demonstrates that even though we use words and phrases like organic, cruelty free, local and chemical free, we have no idea what they mean (or what the people who use them in messages that we read and hear mean). These words all have positive halos which create associations which may lead people to make decisions that are not the 'best' for the individual. For example, many people think organic means 'healthy' and 'chemical free' means safe and that is not always the case.

Well, of course, nothing can be chemical free so I guess in the way "nothing is safe" which gets a bit existential for me.

I'm guessing you might like me better when I'm in the frantic stage!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Project!

I cast on last weekend for a new project called the Whakata Shawl.

I like it but I can tell I'm going to get pretty bored once this gets bigger:

The yarn is some Wollmeise which really seems to work well this this type of stitch.

I've reached a 'breathing point' in my sabbatical where a lot of stuff is done and that feels good. I really pushed to get things completed and I did a good job--now I can relax a bit and start reading some of those academic books that are piled up under my desk. And declutter.

Not reading anything great right now--unless you count "Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory" and you shouldn't.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ToT: I Heart Eugene

 Today's Ten on Tuesday from Carole is about interesting things in your community.

This is a fun one! I live in Eugene, Oregon and as a college town we are a bit of a quirky place. Here is my ten:

1. The city was named after its founder, Eugene Skinner. I'm glad whomever decided on Eugene rather than Skinner.
2. The on-campus parts of the movie Animal House were filmed on my campus, other parts were filmed about 20 miles south of here in Cottage Grove (or was it Creswell? Not sure).
3. Ken Kesey lived here for a long time. You can still see "Further" occasionally on the streets. I saw him at a library holiday event before he died reading a 'Christmas story' that was not what you would expect (well, I guess you would expect it from Ken Kesey).
4. Our Saturday Market is the oldest Saturday Market in the US. Go on, google it! It runs April through October and then in November moves inside for Holiday Market. Rain or shine!
5. In the summer, I think there is a farmer's market happening somewhere every day of the week.
6. We are an hour from the coast (go west) and hour from the mountains (go east). People have claimed to surf and ski/ surf and play golf/fish on the coast and play golf in the mountains in one day.
7. We love coffee. We have lots of coffee shacks which might be a West Coast invention. You're never too far away from good coffee here (and not meaning the Starbucks variety).
8. The city had fought the addition of a "Whole Foods" because it is "too corporate" but that battle is over and the Whole Foods will open in the fall. We already have a locally based chain of stores that is very similar to Whole Foods called the Market of Choice. We are very loyal to them.
9. We don't have a Dunkin Donuts here. We also have no Wendy's. Both of these things make me sad.
10. We do have great places to get Burritos, Fish and Chips (and salmon and chips and shrimp and chips and my favorite, scallops and chips) and rice bowls and Genesis juice which is cold pressed not boiled and this delicious sauce called Yumm Sauce and that makes up for the lack of Wendy's, most of the time.  We also have a Voodoo Donuts but they are too much for me.  Sometimes a girl just wants a cruller, you know?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sand + Monday Meme

This is the 'sand' section or the third and final section of the 'Turtle's Journey' blanket. It isn't really much to look at but I have been moving forward with it so wanted to show it to you. It should be horizontal but whatever.

We had a fun weekend--we saw the Peking Acrobats last night and it was amazing! And Broncos won! Awesome!

Now for some of Kathy's Monday Meme: Two by Two

* What tempts you most ?  Your local yarn shop sale or an online sale?
 I'm not buying yarn for a long time--but it would be an online sale if I was.

* Which do you put off more? Weaving in ends or button placement?
 Oh these are both awful. I do hate the weaving in of the ends though.

*Winter hats, Pompom or no pompom? 
No pompom (or pompon as some people would say)

*Electric blanket or down?
We have a washable wool blanket from LL Bean on our bed and that is all we need.

*Travel plans: pay for the tour or discover on your own?
We've done mostly on our own, although we did do a 'tour' when we went to Costa Rica. The tour wasn't a tour bus--it was really having a company do the arrangements so there was someone to pick us up and take us somewhere when we needed to be. 

*2016 Vacation plans?In the works or already bought the tickets?
We're going to the Big Island and I have to get on that.

*Photographs: outdoors or indoors?
Indoors. Since it is usually raining here.

*Scarf or cowl?
Love 'em both!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


 I'm going to go ahead and call it now: Knitty's  cache-cache   is going to be the next Clapotis.

It is ridiculously easy but looks hard, it works with almost any type of yarn, even solid yarn, it goes quickly, and it looks great.

Here's my first one:

And here is a close up:

The yarn is something from Knit Picks.

I want to do another one that will have more variegation in the 'vs' so I'm sure I'll do this one again. At first I was disappointed that mine didn't look more like the one on Knitty but then I realized this pattern is a great one for this yarn and I'm kind of lucky it is working out so evenly.

But yeah, I've got plenty of yarn with more pooling potential that I will use for future ones of these.

In other news:
-I'm reading "River Road" by Carol Goodman and it is really good. I started "Mink River" and will continue it but I needed a bit of a lighter read.
-We finished "Boardwalk Empire" (spoiler alert: it does not end well for most characters) and I'm enjoying Season 3 (4?--it is the one now out on DVD) of Ray Donovan. This is pretty dark and gritty with great great actors.
-Symphony was incredible--a lovely requiem with the symphony chorus and then two pieces by Resphigi--Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome. Pines of Rome ended with half a dozen brass players stationed in the balconies of the concert hall and playing from there so you could here the majestic music triumphantly sounding throughout the hall. It was incredibly uplifting and moving, the conductor was a guest conductor who started his US career in Eugene (Giancarlo Guerrero, who is now the music director at the Nashville Symphony) (Twinnie! You should go see him the next time you're there!) and he was incredible too. So just a wonderful program (and of course, one that I was not really looking forward to since I had never heard of Resphigi).
-Today will be kind of mellow, tomorrow is busy because a. Broncos and b. Beijing Acrobats in the evening.

I hope all you Easterners are warm and dry and that you still have electricity! Stay safe in the storm.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

And done

These mitts, that is.

I really thought I would love doing these mitts--I love this yarn, I love the fuzziness, I love cables, I love interesting and kind of off beat construction. Perfect, right? No. I'm trying to figure out what it was I didn't like about this--because this cable braid is one of my absolutely favorite cables so I should have loved it.

I finally figured out that I think it was the way the pattern was written--the pattern is nine pages long, mostly due to lots of pictures and some formatting that includes masses of white space--and I just felt I was always trying to figure out where I was. Not sure if that makes any sense, but while the mitts are easy enough to pick up and put down and leave time in between the pattern as it was written did not make it so.

Anyway. I figured yesterday I would finish them and so I did. So that means I get to cast on something new! Maybe fox mittens (although I'm kind of done with mittens for a bit) and maybe a new lace scarf (maybe High Seas) (or maybe the Pf one...yes, maybe that one).

I finished Elizabeth Gilbert's book and it was Ok. The message was: keep working hard and Big Magic will find you. So there you go. I saved you from reading it.

We have symphony tonight--nothing I'm familiar with and the chorus is singing along with the orchestra. Last year the chorus performance was my least favorite (it was some Russian War thing) so I hope this one is better.

We had another candidate in and so the early part of the week was taken up with that. I did get data collected for one of my studies that uses the Theory of Moral Reasoning to examine how the press covers creative crowdsourcing (wake up! I'm done talking about work now!). So next on the two do list is to finish writing up that study as well as the one on how electronic word of mouth changes as communities change. That one has some kind of interesting results as well.

I also need to remember to take time to read 'work' books that I generally don't have time to read. It is a bit of a challenge because I still get requests to review, for letters of rec, for input for the Honors program and I really can't put it aside--that' the reason I only took ten weeks off. Sabbaticals are great perks of the academy but they really only work out well after you get tenure--after that most academics are too closely involved in projects that keep them from disappearing for a year or so. So I can't begrudge some of the demands--and I'm telling a lot of people no too.

At the end of the day, I remind myself how lucky I am that I work in a field where I can take ten weeks off to read and write. I truly am. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This and That

Hey lookie! Turtles!

I did three in the second row instead of five but I'm fine with it. Now on to the third part!

I'm reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is somewhat interesting but somewhat annoying. It is very easy to read, though, and good bedtime reading.

I'm eager to start "Mink River" which I read about on another blog but I don't remember whose--have you read it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tot: the MLK one

Today Carole asked us to consider ways to serve others. She has a wonderful list of ideas. I'm going to take bit of a different tack and talk about everyday things that can make someone's life better--sort of a micro view compared to Carole's macro view.

1. Knit a blanket square: join Kim and I in Blankapalooza, check with your LYS, or google it and spend a few minutes each week knitting some love into something.
2. Let the person with two or three things go in front of you at the grocery store. Or at least offer. It is such a small thing for you and such a nice thing for them.
3. Don't begrudge them if they don't say thank you. Honestly, they're in shock someone was nice to them.
4. Hold a door for someone, even if they are younger and much more able bodied than you.
5. Thank someone who holds a door for you. Every time, even if your mind is elsewhere.
6.  Wave at the letter carrier, the UPS guy, the Fed Ex lady, and give them a smile.
7. Slip a quarter in a meter that's about to expire. I always feel so good when I do this.
8. Tip. I'm a sucker for an empty tip jar at coffee places. I'm lucky that the extra 50 cents isn't going to bankrupt me, and for that student it might mean at extra beer oops healthier meal that day.
9. If you're walking the dog and you notice something at a neighbor's has fallen over--like a garbage can or a life-sized light up reindeer--pick it up and straighten it. Order from chaos.
10. Don't be hard on yourself. There's always more than a single person can do and we can't beat ourselves up. That's why small things tend to work better for me.
11. Bonus extra: shelter animals.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Handing it to Kathy!

Today's Monday Meme from Kathy asks some very important questions!

1. Fingerless mitts or gloves? Usually mitts, it usually isn't that cold here, and I don't like knitting fingers.
2. Favorite hand lotion: whatever is left from putting moisturizer on my face.
3. Last time I wore rubber glove? I'm going to put some on as soon as I finish this post in order to color my hair.
4. Do I put on makeup with tools or fingers? Let's just shorten that to "do I put on makeup?" No.
5. Bar soap, liquid or foam? Bar soap, preferably one with no scent.
6. Where do you keep hand sanitizer? In my office at school.
7. Someone who's hand you wish you could hold again? Juneau's paw.
8. Favorite pattern for the hand? Right now it is this one because Foxes.

Two more  Blankapalooza squares were knit during the second half of the Bronco's game:
The left hand one is garter on the diagonal and the right hand one is seed stitch on the diagonal--don't worry twinny, these each get a good blocking and probably some time of crochet border to even out the shape.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's A Wollmeise Party!

And who could ask for more? Apologies to Danny Elfman.

Someone somewhere posted that they wanted to make Pfeilraupe and the minute I saw it I wanted to make it too! Raupe means caterpillar and pfeil means arrow in german. Bitte.

SO---a german pattern needs german yarn, right? Well not necessarily but yeah. I did a little dive in the yarn room and was looking at a lot of sock yarns and then I thought "I should find some Wollemeise." So I took down a bin where I knew I had some Wollmeise lace and found three skeins of sock yarn that I forgot I had. I could make the Pfeilraupe out of any of them, so I went ahead and would them up. Along with a fourth skein.

At the top is Fly Designs Blue Faced Leicester in "Freemont" which would be a nice spring scarf. Below are the three Wollmeise sock colors: Lavendel (the purple one at the bottom), Domroschen (a great blend of dark pinks and light purples) and a "Wild Thing: Poison # 5" which is the black and pink one. I'm not sure which one I will use for Pfeilraupe but if you think one would be preferrable let me know! I will probably cast on tomorrow but maybe not.

In other news:
-I'm reading "Paradise City" by Elizabeth Day which I like quite a bit.
-We had to get the fridge fixed yesterday---we were getting a tiny frozen puddle in the bottom of the freezer. It was a quick fit with the turkey baster.
-There's a new color prompt for Blankapalooza at my Twin's blog: the colors of your pet's collar(s). This one should be fun and of course I'll have either red or blue yarn in the stash.

Hope you have a great weekend!

-I'll be watching lots of football this weekend.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Busy week!

It has been a busy and productive week--not so much on the knitting but on the other stuff. We had a great candidate come to campus and I spent quite a bit of time with her, I hope she'll join us. I also taught a class for a friend who is out of town. But I did manage to finish off the first drafts of the nine chapters for the book I'm working on with my friend Larry Kelley---that is a huge hunk of my to-do list completed! It also leaves the more 'fun and academic' projects that will require some thinking in terms of what is the contribution to knowledge. So it feels like a bit of weight is off me! Hoorah!

And I'm plodding along (appropriately phrased) on the Turtles' Journey:

I had to insert that little blue stripe since I'm worried I'll run out of the discontinued yarn that I'm using for this section. But aren't those turtles so cute? I have a little less than a quarter of the blanket of this section left to finish off.

In other news:
-sad to hear of Alan Rickman's passing. I've always respected his talent and I have also always thought that I would love to sit next to him on a long flight.
-I'm still exercising and my tummy looks a little less poochy.  That could just be because of I've also pretty much given up on dairy except for a little bit of 2% milk in my morning coffee and a little bit of butter on the weekends.  Kind of miss it but kind of don't. I find myself craving less sugar, but that might be a benefit of stopping the diet coke too.
-I haven't read anything good but I have the new book by Elizabeth Gilbert so I'm hoping that is good!

Lots of football coming up! Lots of knitting too! I've promised myself I could cast on for at least one (and maybe two) new projects.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

200 Things to throw away

This blog post outlines 200 things to throw away to get some good decluttering going. When I look through this list my reaction is "oh I could never get rid of that/those." But I'm going to try.

These are going to be some of my key challenges:

  1. Duplicate power cords (we have these all over. What if we need them some day?)
  2. Jewelry you don’t wear (what do you do with this jewelry? I never know.)
  3. Pens and pencils – Keep your favorites and let go of the rest (WHAT? They are all my favorites).
  4. Extra buttons - If you don’t sew, toss them all.  Reduce your supply if you will use a button in the next few months--BUT BUTTONS!
  5. Tape measures – You know the rule, keep one and toss the rest.--I'M A KNITTER! I HAVE LOTS OF TAPE MEASURES!
  6. Old Day Planners--but how will I remember what I did?
But we'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ToT: The Bowie Edition

I was so sad to hear about David Bowie's passing--he was such a huge influence on music and culture and fashion. He brought conversations about what were called 'alternative lifestyles' into life. I saw him in Chicago at the last concert tour where he said he would sing his 'hits'--it must have been in the mid-80s and I'm not sure if he kept his promises or not, but it was an amazing concert.

It is difficult to pick my favorite ten but here is a start:

1. Queen Bitch. This isn't a really popular one but any song that includes the words "bippirty boppirty hat" is OK with me. You betcha.

2. White Light White Heat This cover of the Velvet Underground song is wonderful.

3. Diamond Dogs Oh baby come unto me. Driving unrelentless beat.

4. Suffragette City Wham bam thank you ma'am. Driving unrelentless beat.

5. TVC 15 He performed this on SNL in what? A giant clown suit? Uh-oh. ETA: he actually wore a dress for this performance (bad memory--but it was 1979 so forgive me) and he performed with Klaus Nomis:

6. Sound and Vision I still am waiting for that gift.

7. Heroes An anthem wrapped up as a pop song.

8. All the Young Dudes It saved Mott the Hoople so of course it makes the list.

9. Modern Love Because you have to get up and dance to it

10. Changes Because every generation finds meaning in this song.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Kathy asks: when was the last time....

1- You saw someone wearing something you knit for them? Yesterday: Tim was wearing socks I knit for him.

2- You stayed up late just to knit? I don't--really. I like to sleep too much.

3- You had cake? Can't remember!

4-You wanted to knit a sweater? When I see a cool pattern I will want to knit it. Then I start it and I don't want to knit it anymore.

6-You sat on a hot radiator to warm up? Not since I lived in Boston in my old building with radiators.

7-You wrote a letter? I write letters in  Christmas cards--does that count?

8-You stubbed your toe? I'm so uncoordinated that I do this all the time.

9- You got on the scale? See #3.

10- You got caught talking to yourself? Maybe five minutes ago?

In other news: I finished two squares for Blankapalooza:

Two squares in my favorite color for a flower--the deep reds of tuplips. There is actually a pattern in the one on the left, just hard to see.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Koto Kontinues

Yep, the "Koto" sweater has been slowly being worked on. Last night I finished the body and joined the shoulder sleeves (three needle bind off).

This has been sort of my 'mindless' knitting but it is a corrugated rib which is only about 90% mindless and of course I managed to screw it up enough times to do some major tinking. There's also a bit of curling up at the bottom since I didn't do the hem like the pattern said to do. So that will need some nice blocking to make it bit. Now I have the sleeves which I will NOT be putting the mindless knitting category but I don't think the sleeves will take that long.

Sweaters. Sometimes they work out great, other times not so much.

Other than that, yesterday was filled with walks, lunch out, buying lottery tickets (spoiler: we lost, along with every other American that bought a lottery ticket), watching some football, and reading a pretty silly mystery.

Earlier last week I discovered that the new season of Foyle's War (season meaning three episodes), previously available only on Acorn streaming, was on Netflix so last night after the first half of the Pittsburgh-Cincy game we watched the first episode. We like Foyle's War--very atmospheric. Michael Kitchen as Foyle only seemed to have about ten lines last night although he was of course the centerpiece of the mystery. Then we watched the last two minutes of the football game.

Fandom. It is out of control.

Today--not so sure. I need to vacuum out my car since I will be transporting a few job candidates from the airport in the next two weeks. I have the new "Robert Galbraith" mystery that I might dive in to. We'll see.

Enjoy Sunday!

Friday, January 08, 2016

One done!

My first week of sabbatical is done, and it has been a good one! I've accomplished a lot and made progress on three different projects--as well as finished up two other projects! So that's all good.

I haven't done quite the amount of knitting and decluttering but I think getting a good start on writing projects was really necessary to get my head into the work aspects of sabbatical. But some knitting has been done:

I need to finish up this scarf--it has just been going on for too long. I think I will finish it this weekend.

I have a bad sore throat so I'm hoping that doesn't stay around too long.

Bottom line: I am boring.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The journey continues!

I've been spending some time working on 'The Turtle's Journey' and have (almost) half of the middle section (the center section) done. Here's a turtle:

This is a fun pattern to work on-- a bit challenging but not a killer.

What else? The sabbatical goes well--having blocks of time to work is really terrific. Also not having to worry about class stuff is really helpful too. I have some stuff to go to school about next week (and the week after) but I'm getting a great start on stuff this week and that makes me feel good.

Another part of my journey is to improve my eating--I'm trying to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet and have cut out most dairy from my diet. It really does help with how I feel overall. I'm also trying to eat fish and chicken during the week and save beef for a treat on the weekend. Not sure how that will go but hopefully it will go OK!

I am enjoying working out first thing in the morning and I might even try the Gaiam workouts on demand.

The decluttering isn't going that well but I think getting a good start on research is the best option for me for this week.

What else? I started reading "The Rogue Lawyer" but I gave it up since it just wasn't keeping my attention.

Hope all goes well in your world!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

ToT: 5 and 5

Carole asked us what five things we'd like to do more and five things we'd like to do less in 2016--a wonderful way to think about goals without any of that messy resolution stuff.

So here we go.

  1. More listening
  2. Less meaningless chatter
  3. More vegetables
  4. Less meat
  5. More fruit
  6. Less cane sugar
  7. More dog walks
  8. Less fretting over whether I have time to walk the dogs (spoiler: I do)
  9. More letting it go
  10. Less keeping it in
Well that was a bit more serious than I planned to be! Let's see how I do--check with me in a year. Off to eat an orange now!

Monday, January 04, 2016

First Day!

It is the first day of my sabbatical and it is 10:30 am. Today I have already:
  • Worked out to a DVD for the first time in a year ("Dance with Me" for half an hour) and it didn't kill me.
  • Submitted a review for a journal article (albeit it was a short article)
  • Wrote half a chapter for new book
  • Got an idea for another chapter in the shower.
In addition I won two levels of Papa Pear.
I may enjoy this sabbatical very much!
Yesterday we spent a few hours organizing our office (Tim and I share an office and it was--well--messy. My desk is still messy but his is neat as a pin.) Here is my newest organization scheme:
These plastic storage boxes came from the local True Value. Each box holds a project. I am pretty good about putting things in folders but I have too many articles and notes for a single folder for each now each project gets its own box. The ones you can see are labeled "Biomimicry", "Green" "Crowds" and "EWom" and the ones you can't read well are labeled "Flags", "Opinion Leaders" "Big Data" and "Creativity". So now you know what I am up to!

Yesterday I also finished the first of two mitts:

It needs blocking and weaving in. The part of the office you can see is the messy corner of Hell that we need to take care eventually. The corner holds an old monitor and tax stuff. I think we use the monitor to look at the video on our security cameras.

That statement is kind of obnoxious--we don't live in a palace or anything, we live on a dead end street that sees a fair share of pilfering. So the cameras are a deterrent.

Kathy posted a new meme on knit habits:

1. Do you have a bad habit? I'm not sure meant a knitting habit but my bad knitting habit is I don't weave in ends on socks. I AM GOING TO HELL.

2. Do you have to hide your knitting projects from pets? Sometimes. They more enjoy picking up balls or skeins of yarn and running around like crazy things with it. Dogs that is. Cats don't care.

3. Do you cheat when you cable? No, I'm a pretty solid pattern follower.
4. Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? Kind of. I try to remember to ask for a moment until I get to a stopping place. And sometimes that happens!
5. Do you fall for Knit Kits? Not really--I've bought a few things with yarn AND beads because it is hard to get the correct bead if you don't understand the bead lingo, but on the whole I prefer to pick my own yarn for a pattern. 

And to end with--find the animal in the photo above. Go!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Winter Wonderland!

We awoke this morning, the second day of the year, to a veritable winter wonderland! Ok not really--it sleeted (what is the past tense of sleet? It seems like it should be 'slated' but that's not right) and then there is a light dusting of snow on top of that. It is somewhat festive looking if ten days too late!
More work has been done on the scarf--it is maybe about three or four feet long right now. I still like this a lot and it is easy to work on while watching TV.  Especially when you need some distractions, as when the Ducks totally blow a 31 point lead in the second half of the Alamo bowl. That game was so strange! Anyway--I really like this scarf a lot. Below is a close up of the most recent section. There are a couple of motifs that I'm repeating in the scarf and the diagonal swipes are one of those.
 In other news:
-we are watching the most recent season of Ray Donovan and we also re-watched "The Lion in Winter" on New Year's Day. That's a great movie (Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn) and it is really quite racy for 1969 (imho). We also watched the new "Sherlock" last night and it was...trippy.
-I'm reading "The Status of All Things" after giving up on "Remember Me This Way" (a novel about a woman who thinks her husband died and he didn't and he appears to be a bit of a bad person) and "The Firm" (a nonfiction account of the history of the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. Emphasis on history). "The Status of All Things" is a romance/fantasy about a woman who can make things come true by posting them on her FB status. BUT EVERYTHING HAS A CONSEQUENCE! It is fine. Not great. Fine.
-Sabbatical starts tomorrow and I'm pretty ready to tackle a lot of things. Go me!

Happy One Two!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely New Year's--ours was relaxing (yesterday) and filled with work (today) so I guess on balance that is just fine.

Yesterday we ran some errands in the morning and stopped for fish and chips for lunch--then came home and basically zoned out on football for most of the afternoon. Then we made potstickers for dinner and watched "The King's Speech"--we hadn't seen it since it first came out and it is really a terrific movie. It was much better this time than I remember it being. I was awake to hear the fireworks at midnight but Tim was asleep. That's just fine with us!

Today we slept late and Tim made pancakes--then we got to work. I took down the tree and packed up all the Christmas decorations, and did some decluttering and sweeping. We walked the dogs and I did some laundry and here we are! We didn't make any plans for dinner tonight but we'll have potstickers again--we made them out of ground chicken instead of pork so they are not as unhealthy as they might be.

So now on to the serious stuff--my word for 2016. I truly like the idea of having a word rather than resolutions.  Here's my word.

We'll see how this goes!