Thursday, January 21, 2016

And done

These mitts, that is.

I really thought I would love doing these mitts--I love this yarn, I love the fuzziness, I love cables, I love interesting and kind of off beat construction. Perfect, right? No. I'm trying to figure out what it was I didn't like about this--because this cable braid is one of my absolutely favorite cables so I should have loved it.

I finally figured out that I think it was the way the pattern was written--the pattern is nine pages long, mostly due to lots of pictures and some formatting that includes masses of white space--and I just felt I was always trying to figure out where I was. Not sure if that makes any sense, but while the mitts are easy enough to pick up and put down and leave time in between the pattern as it was written did not make it so.

Anyway. I figured yesterday I would finish them and so I did. So that means I get to cast on something new! Maybe fox mittens (although I'm kind of done with mittens for a bit) and maybe a new lace scarf (maybe High Seas) (or maybe the Pf one...yes, maybe that one).

I finished Elizabeth Gilbert's book and it was Ok. The message was: keep working hard and Big Magic will find you. So there you go. I saved you from reading it.

We have symphony tonight--nothing I'm familiar with and the chorus is singing along with the orchestra. Last year the chorus performance was my least favorite (it was some Russian War thing) so I hope this one is better.

We had another candidate in and so the early part of the week was taken up with that. I did get data collected for one of my studies that uses the Theory of Moral Reasoning to examine how the press covers creative crowdsourcing (wake up! I'm done talking about work now!). So next on the two do list is to finish writing up that study as well as the one on how electronic word of mouth changes as communities change. That one has some kind of interesting results as well.

I also need to remember to take time to read 'work' books that I generally don't have time to read. It is a bit of a challenge because I still get requests to review, for letters of rec, for input for the Honors program and I really can't put it aside--that' the reason I only took ten weeks off. Sabbaticals are great perks of the academy but they really only work out well after you get tenure--after that most academics are too closely involved in projects that keep them from disappearing for a year or so. So I can't begrudge some of the demands--and I'm telling a lot of people no too.

At the end of the day, I remind myself how lucky I am that I work in a field where I can take ten weeks off to read and write. I truly am. 

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kathy b said...

9 pages of instructions for afingerless? you deserve some kind of award lady!