Saturday, January 23, 2016


 I'm going to go ahead and call it now: Knitty's  cache-cache   is going to be the next Clapotis.

It is ridiculously easy but looks hard, it works with almost any type of yarn, even solid yarn, it goes quickly, and it looks great.

Here's my first one:

And here is a close up:

The yarn is something from Knit Picks.

I want to do another one that will have more variegation in the 'vs' so I'm sure I'll do this one again. At first I was disappointed that mine didn't look more like the one on Knitty but then I realized this pattern is a great one for this yarn and I'm kind of lucky it is working out so evenly.

But yeah, I've got plenty of yarn with more pooling potential that I will use for future ones of these.

In other news:
-I'm reading "River Road" by Carol Goodman and it is really good. I started "Mink River" and will continue it but I needed a bit of a lighter read.
-We finished "Boardwalk Empire" (spoiler alert: it does not end well for most characters) and I'm enjoying Season 3 (4?--it is the one now out on DVD) of Ray Donovan. This is pretty dark and gritty with great great actors.
-Symphony was incredible--a lovely requiem with the symphony chorus and then two pieces by Resphigi--Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome. Pines of Rome ended with half a dozen brass players stationed in the balconies of the concert hall and playing from there so you could here the majestic music triumphantly sounding throughout the hall. It was incredibly uplifting and moving, the conductor was a guest conductor who started his US career in Eugene (Giancarlo Guerrero, who is now the music director at the Nashville Symphony) (Twinnie! You should go see him the next time you're there!) and he was incredible too. So just a wonderful program (and of course, one that I was not really looking forward to since I had never heard of Resphigi).
-Today will be kind of mellow, tomorrow is busy because a. Broncos and b. Beijing Acrobats in the evening.

I hope all you Easterners are warm and dry and that you still have electricity! Stay safe in the storm.


fillyjonk said...

Oooh. I didn't see this one but I have TONS of variegated sock yarn, including some that is more "delicate" in terms of fiber or spin, so it might not be the best for socks.

Is the yarn you are using one that is supposed to self-stripe? I also have tons of the striping yarns, including some nice cashmere-containing ones from String Theory, that might work. (I don't care so much if the "vs" show up, I just like the rainbow effect)

Kim in Oregon said...

Erica--the yarn is one with really long color changes. Cache cache was theoretically designed for socks that run the risk of pooling but I honestly think it will work well for anything.