Monday, January 18, 2016

Handing it to Kathy!

Today's Monday Meme from Kathy asks some very important questions!

1. Fingerless mitts or gloves? Usually mitts, it usually isn't that cold here, and I don't like knitting fingers.
2. Favorite hand lotion: whatever is left from putting moisturizer on my face.
3. Last time I wore rubber glove? I'm going to put some on as soon as I finish this post in order to color my hair.
4. Do I put on makeup with tools or fingers? Let's just shorten that to "do I put on makeup?" No.
5. Bar soap, liquid or foam? Bar soap, preferably one with no scent.
6. Where do you keep hand sanitizer? In my office at school.
7. Someone who's hand you wish you could hold again? Juneau's paw.
8. Favorite pattern for the hand? Right now it is this one because Foxes.

Two more  Blankapalooza squares were knit during the second half of the Bronco's game:
The left hand one is garter on the diagonal and the right hand one is seed stitch on the diagonal--don't worry twinny, these each get a good blocking and probably some time of crochet border to even out the shape.


rosy said...

Oh Kim Knits catch-up big time here. Have been so busy. But now up to date and I LOVE your blog header!

KSD said...

Not a worry in the world about the squares --- and thank you for being Palooza's Cheerleader/Recruiter-in-Chief! <3