Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's A Wollmeise Party!

And who could ask for more? Apologies to Danny Elfman.

Someone somewhere posted that they wanted to make Pfeilraupe and the minute I saw it I wanted to make it too! Raupe means caterpillar and pfeil means arrow in german. Bitte.

SO---a german pattern needs german yarn, right? Well not necessarily but yeah. I did a little dive in the yarn room and was looking at a lot of sock yarns and then I thought "I should find some Wollemeise." So I took down a bin where I knew I had some Wollmeise lace and found three skeins of sock yarn that I forgot I had. I could make the Pfeilraupe out of any of them, so I went ahead and would them up. Along with a fourth skein.

At the top is Fly Designs Blue Faced Leicester in "Freemont" which would be a nice spring scarf. Below are the three Wollmeise sock colors: Lavendel (the purple one at the bottom), Domroschen (a great blend of dark pinks and light purples) and a "Wild Thing: Poison # 5" which is the black and pink one. I'm not sure which one I will use for Pfeilraupe but if you think one would be preferrable let me know! I will probably cast on tomorrow but maybe not.

In other news:
-I'm reading "Paradise City" by Elizabeth Day which I like quite a bit.
-We had to get the fridge fixed yesterday---we were getting a tiny frozen puddle in the bottom of the freezer. It was a quick fit with the turkey baster.
-There's a new color prompt for Blankapalooza at my Twin's blog: the colors of your pet's collar(s). This one should be fun and of course I'll have either red or blue yarn in the stash.

Hope you have a great weekend!

-I'll be watching lots of football this weekend.


KSD said...

That wrap is just delightful, isn't it? I'll be anxious to follow your progress.

kathy b said...

I cant wait to see your wrap! Some football here too

florapie said...

"Forgotten Wollmeise" is my new band name