Monday, January 11, 2016

Kathy asks: when was the last time....

1- You saw someone wearing something you knit for them? Yesterday: Tim was wearing socks I knit for him.

2- You stayed up late just to knit? I don't--really. I like to sleep too much.

3- You had cake? Can't remember!

4-You wanted to knit a sweater? When I see a cool pattern I will want to knit it. Then I start it and I don't want to knit it anymore.

6-You sat on a hot radiator to warm up? Not since I lived in Boston in my old building with radiators.

7-You wrote a letter? I write letters in  Christmas cards--does that count?

8-You stubbed your toe? I'm so uncoordinated that I do this all the time.

9- You got on the scale? See #3.

10- You got caught talking to yourself? Maybe five minutes ago?

In other news: I finished two squares for Blankapalooza:

Two squares in my favorite color for a flower--the deep reds of tuplips. There is actually a pattern in the one on the left, just hard to see.

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KSD said...

Red tulips, you say. How had that Twinnie information escaped me?