Friday, January 29, 2016

Slowly growing

Cache cache, that is:

This is five repeats in--the pattern itself recommends eight but I may go for more so I can wrap it around twice. We'll see. It goes pretty quickly and it fun to see the colors change.

The sabbatical has exited the 'frantically putting words down on paper" phase to a more contemplative reading-and-thinking-about-the-reading phase. That's good! I also have been taking a bit more time for me. I also have a new project going with some new colleagues and that seems to be working well too.

AND I collected data for what I swear will be the last study I personally initiate.

I'm writing (in my head) an opinion piece called "The Myth of Colloquial Understanding" which demonstrates that even though we use words and phrases like organic, cruelty free, local and chemical free, we have no idea what they mean (or what the people who use them in messages that we read and hear mean). These words all have positive halos which create associations which may lead people to make decisions that are not the 'best' for the individual. For example, many people think organic means 'healthy' and 'chemical free' means safe and that is not always the case.

Well, of course, nothing can be chemical free so I guess in the way "nothing is safe" which gets a bit existential for me.

I'm guessing you might like me better when I'm in the frantic stage!
Have a wonderful weekend!


kathy b said...

Ohhh I need those color changes.. So pretty on a grey CHicago day. Thanks for a lift!

KSD said...

I like you whatever stage you're in.