Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The journey continues!

I've been spending some time working on 'The Turtle's Journey' and have (almost) half of the middle section (the center section) done. Here's a turtle:

This is a fun pattern to work on-- a bit challenging but not a killer.

What else? The sabbatical goes well--having blocks of time to work is really terrific. Also not having to worry about class stuff is really helpful too. I have some stuff to go to school about next week (and the week after) but I'm getting a great start on stuff this week and that makes me feel good.

Another part of my journey is to improve my eating--I'm trying to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet and have cut out most dairy from my diet. It really does help with how I feel overall. I'm also trying to eat fish and chicken during the week and save beef for a treat on the weekend. Not sure how that will go but hopefully it will go OK!

I am enjoying working out first thing in the morning and I might even try the Gaiam workouts on demand.

The decluttering isn't going that well but I think getting a good start on research is the best option for me for this week.

What else? I started reading "The Rogue Lawyer" but I gave it up since it just wasn't keeping my attention.

Hope all goes well in your world!


kathy b said...

THe turtle is amazing!!!

elns said...

The turtle pattern is pretty cool, I'm surprised it's not more difficult! I find it intimidating.

I'm slowly getting my bearings this new year and my decluttering is very very slow. I try to pat myself on the back and say, one section of surface space at a time is better than nothing and not dwell, move on to the next thing for the day.

Good luck with your research. I want this to be a great sabbatical for you!

Rachel said...

There is so much I've missed in the past months that I'll never catch up with commenting. But let's see if I can boil it down (I DO read, but just don't take time to comment when I'm in the field).
1. I vaguely remember you talking about getting closer to building on your property in Pacific City (?). That is incredible news if I'm remembering right! I bet you can't wait for that to happen. (I told John that we have to find 2 days to get to the coast this winter before all heck breaks loose in's been too long!).
2. You have a sabbatical this semester -- congrats and I hope it's a productive one!
3. You constantly astound me with the amount of knitting you get through. It really is impressive!
4. Equally impressive is the amount of reading you get done. I have many of your posts flagged to remind myself to check out your book (and TV) recommendations. Speaking of...did you formally do the Book Bingo at all? Seems like if you did, you'd have reached bingo by now!
5. Breathe -- perfect. So perfect.
6. Happy New Year Kim -- I hope that you have a good one! Sounds like you are off to the right start with all your goals.

Hopefully I'll keep on top of commenting a bit more these next few months! ;)