Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ToT: The Bowie Edition

I was so sad to hear about David Bowie's passing--he was such a huge influence on music and culture and fashion. He brought conversations about what were called 'alternative lifestyles' into life. I saw him in Chicago at the last concert tour where he said he would sing his 'hits'--it must have been in the mid-80s and I'm not sure if he kept his promises or not, but it was an amazing concert.

It is difficult to pick my favorite ten but here is a start:

1. Queen Bitch. This isn't a really popular one but any song that includes the words "bippirty boppirty hat" is OK with me. You betcha.

2. White Light White Heat This cover of the Velvet Underground song is wonderful.

3. Diamond Dogs Oh baby come unto me. Driving unrelentless beat.

4. Suffragette City Wham bam thank you ma'am. Driving unrelentless beat.

5. TVC 15 He performed this on SNL in what? A giant clown suit? Uh-oh. ETA: he actually wore a dress for this performance (bad memory--but it was 1979 so forgive me) and he performed with Klaus Nomis: http://www.openculture.com/2014/09/david-bowie-and-klaus-nomis-hypnotic-performance-on-snl-1979.html

6. Sound and Vision I still am waiting for that gift.

7. Heroes An anthem wrapped up as a pop song.

8. All the Young Dudes It saved Mott the Hoople so of course it makes the list.

9. Modern Love Because you have to get up and dance to it

10. Changes Because every generation finds meaning in this song.


Bonny said...

Now this is a great list! You've included plenty of songs that I've forgotten or never knew, so now I'm off to youtube to listen to Queen Bitch and White Light White Heat. Thanks!

AsKatKnits said...

Fantastic list with so many songs I did not know! Thank you for sharing!!

elns said...

Great list! I love your commentary for each one selected.