Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ToT: I Heart Eugene

 Today's Ten on Tuesday from Carole is about interesting things in your community.

This is a fun one! I live in Eugene, Oregon and as a college town we are a bit of a quirky place. Here is my ten:

1. The city was named after its founder, Eugene Skinner. I'm glad whomever decided on Eugene rather than Skinner.
2. The on-campus parts of the movie Animal House were filmed on my campus, other parts were filmed about 20 miles south of here in Cottage Grove (or was it Creswell? Not sure).
3. Ken Kesey lived here for a long time. You can still see "Further" occasionally on the streets. I saw him at a library holiday event before he died reading a 'Christmas story' that was not what you would expect (well, I guess you would expect it from Ken Kesey).
4. Our Saturday Market is the oldest Saturday Market in the US. Go on, google it! It runs April through October and then in November moves inside for Holiday Market. Rain or shine!
5. In the summer, I think there is a farmer's market happening somewhere every day of the week.
6. We are an hour from the coast (go west) and hour from the mountains (go east). People have claimed to surf and ski/ surf and play golf/fish on the coast and play golf in the mountains in one day.
7. We love coffee. We have lots of coffee shacks which might be a West Coast invention. You're never too far away from good coffee here (and not meaning the Starbucks variety).
8. The city had fought the addition of a "Whole Foods" because it is "too corporate" but that battle is over and the Whole Foods will open in the fall. We already have a locally based chain of stores that is very similar to Whole Foods called the Market of Choice. We are very loyal to them.
9. We don't have a Dunkin Donuts here. We also have no Wendy's. Both of these things make me sad.
10. We do have great places to get Burritos, Fish and Chips (and salmon and chips and shrimp and chips and my favorite, scallops and chips) and rice bowls and Genesis juice which is cold pressed not boiled and this delicious sauce called Yumm Sauce and that makes up for the lack of Wendy's, most of the time.  We also have a Voodoo Donuts but they are too much for me.  Sometimes a girl just wants a cruller, you know?


Bonny said...

I'll trade you our Wendy's and one of our three Dunkin' Donuts for one of your good coffee shacks! Here in central NJ we're woefully deficient in good coffee and good beer.

AsKatKnits said...

I think most of America is deficient in good coffee, send some here as well!

Kym said...

I love Eugene! I visited there once . . . long, long ago . . . when my husband (then my boyfriend) ran a track meet there. (He was at Boise State.) Lovely place!

elns said...

What a fantastic list. It was really fun to learn about your community, Eugene this way.

You had me at cruller. Hmm, maybe at Dunkin Donuts, my husband is not convinced at my infatuation, but let's face it he doesn't know everything! ;)

Crullers on the other hand have been known to improve a day that I'm worried about at the start. Like taking an advil before going to get a cleaning at the dentist, ha!

We did a drive up the coast to Oregon when we were young before The Kid and I was hellbent on trying the chowder in all the various small towns we stopped on. I still think that trip encompassed the best fish and chips ever ... with Halibut?!? instead of cod. DREAMY.