Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tot: the MLK one

Today Carole asked us to consider ways to serve others. She has a wonderful list of ideas. I'm going to take bit of a different tack and talk about everyday things that can make someone's life better--sort of a micro view compared to Carole's macro view.

1. Knit a blanket square: join Kim and I in Blankapalooza, check with your LYS, or google it and spend a few minutes each week knitting some love into something.
2. Let the person with two or three things go in front of you at the grocery store. Or at least offer. It is such a small thing for you and such a nice thing for them.
3. Don't begrudge them if they don't say thank you. Honestly, they're in shock someone was nice to them.
4. Hold a door for someone, even if they are younger and much more able bodied than you.
5. Thank someone who holds a door for you. Every time, even if your mind is elsewhere.
6.  Wave at the letter carrier, the UPS guy, the Fed Ex lady, and give them a smile.
7. Slip a quarter in a meter that's about to expire. I always feel so good when I do this.
8. Tip. I'm a sucker for an empty tip jar at coffee places. I'm lucky that the extra 50 cents isn't going to bankrupt me, and for that student it might mean at extra beer oops healthier meal that day.
9. If you're walking the dog and you notice something at a neighbor's has fallen over--like a garbage can or a life-sized light up reindeer--pick it up and straighten it. Order from chaos.
10. Don't be hard on yourself. There's always more than a single person can do and we can't beat ourselves up. That's why small things tend to work better for me.
11. Bonus extra: shelter animals.


kathy b said...

aww. Great list Kim. I've NEVER put more time in a meter..that sounds so fun!

Donna said...

My husband is really good about letting people go in front of him when they only have a few items at the store. And you are right - they are usually in shock that something nice was done for them. Great list!!

AsKatKnits said...

Fantastic list! I love the meter idea and will be using that this year!