Friday, February 26, 2016

High Seas

I finished one ball of the yarn (I have plenty) and it is looking good:

Look at how the shawl matches my shoes!

Anyway, let me say again--I'm not a big lace fan but I really like this pattern. I think because it is mostly knit 2 togethers, only a bit of ssk at one end and a few knit 3 togethers here and there. I did leave out a few repeats because I wanted more of a scarf. But I really like how it looks and it isn't even blocked!

I read "Girl Through Glass" by  Sari Wilson--it is pretty good. A good short read.

Today I'm moderating a session at the UO's grad forum and that should be fun/interesting. I already have a problem where one student has 26 text-filled slides for a ten minute presentation. She'll be sorry.

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kathy b said...

Your shawl is coming along so well Kim! Love the color I know I said that already once but it bears repeatinig