Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Lizards!

It is Leap Day! And Kathy  has a bunch of questions!

Before I start though--I like what Kym said on her blog--today is an 'extra' day so do something risky--something you wouldn't do on a regular day! I'm not sure what it is I'll do but I like the positive idea that this is a 'special' day that doesn't come around often (which it doesn't!) as opposed to 'oh just another day'. So I'm going to hold on to that specialness today.

Thanks Kym!

1. Do I have special fridge magnets? Well I have some, and they're mostly free ones from repair people. The others all have a 'critter' theme--there's a gecko, a little shark, a crab and a butterfly. I'm sure they are all from somewhere special but I can't recall!

2. My favorite color combo: grey and pink. Or purple and white (Go U Northwestern). Or dark blue and white. Or black and red. Depends on my mood!

3. Am I ready for March? We had a mild February (and a pretty mild January) so yeah, go ahead. Bring it on.

4. Have you ever knitted something with leftover that you liked as well as the original project? I can't recall (maybe I should just answer all of these questions with 'I can't recall'!).

5. Do the pets watch TV? Not really--not the dogs or the cats, but I think the bird might. Comet the dog is very aware of sounds--she gets all upset if there is a buzzer that sounds like a doorbell (like on the debates!) and she  hears the dogs in the background on NPR (sometimes they interview people and the dog is barking way in the background). 

6. What's the biggest knitting needle I own? Probably a 15. I don't think I could be very nimble with anything larger.

7. Cake or frosting? Frosting!

8.When was the last time we did something free? We went to a home show and that was free. Also walks with dogs etc. Can't recall (of course) the last time something was free free---some friends took us to the black tie gala so that was technically free but not really.

9. Have I knitted (total) more hats than socks? Definitely socks.

10. Do I know someone with a leap year birthday? No! I even checked FB to be sure.

Happy Leap Day!


kathy b said...


Thanks for playing along again! Glad you enjoy the monday meme.
I don't think I ever want to knit with my big needles again. They make my hands and arms hurt. here's to tiny sock needles! They never hurt me

elns said...

Happy Leap Year / Day to you too! I like the idea of it being special. I heard someone complaining about it, and I was thinking really? You're upset with leap Year -- so odd, and such a waste of perfectly good complaining energy!

Hope it's a fabulous day.