Monday, February 15, 2016

Mondays are for Memes

According to Kathy!

I didn't get a whole lot of interesting knitting done so yay for Monday meme!

#1 Write on the pattern you are using or keep it clean as a whistle?
Write on it. I print out another one if I knit the thing again.

#2 Trick for Keeping track of a plain round or a complicated round? 
I use a row counter for everyting.

#3 You've decided you cannot stand the yarn you are working with......
you : rip it out and donate it.

#4 What is your current favorite television show to knit during? 
It used to be football but now it is whatever.
#5 How do you like your coffee? Just a little bit of skim milk.

#6 How many pairs of hand knitted socks do you rotate wearing currently?  
I have a huge drawer--probably 30 pairs? I need to knit more for Tim.
#7 You are taking a road trip.  Do you listen to the local radio stations on the way or your own music?  Our own music!

#8 Do you bring your own grocery bags to the store?  
95% of the time. But this is one of my research areas and I feel really, really guilty if I forget.

#9 What wildlife have you seen that is considered rare?
 Bears in Alaska--bears in Montana too.  Are they rare? One of the bears had two cubs--so cute. 
I saw a kiwi in New Zealand but it was in a kiwi house so that probably doesn't count.

#10 Someone just gave your family plane tickets to anywhere in the US for next week.  Where will you take them ?   I think Boston--I haven't been back since I left and I miss it!

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kathy b said...

Kim You always play aloong! Thanks Makes me feel like the MEMEs fun