Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Socks

I've started on Trachetensocken for Tim.


I don't think I have enough yarn. How disappointing! Tim says I can do the feet in a different color.

I lost the label so I don't even know what the yarn is, but I do have a tan yarn that is a contrast to it. It's such an unusual color (a rust that has more blue in it than this shows) that I really don't know what to do to complement it. I may just do a plain foot since it will be in a different color. Or I could frog (but I don't want to). I guess I'll just keep going and measuring (thank goodness for scales!).

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Lane Arts Council on creating and promoting a 'personal brand' for artists. It was fun--a great engaged group of about 40 artists from the area, ranging in age from about 25 to 80. Very lively but I had too much stuff for a two hour talk. Anyway, I enjoyed myself and it is a good thing to 'give back' to our arts community.


kathy b said...

Oh that's some kind of socks love!

elns said...

I'm so glad the Arts Council talk went well and you had a good time! I think a tan would look great and so would a gray or navy if you're feeling it too. I hope you can make that sock happen, it's quite lovely!

Kim in Oregon said...

OH I have some navy that works! Thanks!