Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tot: Things I like right now. RIGHT NOW!

Not to be outdone by the quizzical Kathy, Carole wants to know ten things I like right now. Ready?

1-3. Surprises! I'm part of the Ravelry ITFF swap and my surprise package came yesterday. These fun things were from Stacey (aka Jukeboxheroine on Ravelry) and I'm delighted!

  1. Aslan Trends Santa Fe--this is great yarn, much like Koigu, and I"m going to make some mitts from it (maybe with beads).
  2. A fun felting kit to make a hamster.
  3. A hand thrown pot in gorgeous colors.

4. My aerobics shoes. They are Ryka N-Gage, they were pretty cheap on Amazon, and they feel great when I'm aerobicizing.
5. Naan. I have been in a naan mood lately. They have a nice prepackaged naan at the grocery store.
6. Cider, in particular Spire Mountain Dark and Dry cider--it is a PNW brand. I'm not sure about the rest of the country but hard cider is very big here these days--there are even cider places that only brew cider. Who knew? Is cider a thing?
7. The red headed woodpecker that is hanging out in our yard.
8. Murphy's oil soap. I cleaned floors yesterday and this was a god send. It is muddy out there and the dogs love the mud.
9. Downton Abbey. I'll be sad next week when it is over.
10. My last few weeks of sabbatical. I feel like I rocked it out!


kathy b said...

I;ll have to look up your shoes! I need a new pair. I love Murphy's oil soap or flax soap as we call it

AsKatKnits said...

Great list, that cider sounds wonderful!

Kwizgiver said...

I'm watching Downton Abbey right now. I love this show!

elns said...

Okay the problem with this type of list is somehow my wallet gets lighter just reading them. Bridget turned me on to a new lipstick and now you and the Ryka N-Gage do you know which model you purchased and would you say it's your standard size/true to size? I have been struggling this past year to replace my old favorites. I found a pair of Pumas, but of course they discontinued that style and the new Nikes I bought ... they didn't translate. ugh. I would honestly appreciate your feedback. You can reach me at elns on ravelry if you have the time.
On another note, I'm abig fan of the Murphy's Oil (I love that smell = clean). Lastly I was having early withdrawals from Downton Abbey at the end of the last episode too. Sigh. I really enjoyed this season.