Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter's back!

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and today--right now--it isn't even 50 and it is cold and blowy and rainy. I'm glad we have a bit more cold (or cold-ish) weather but it is really kind of miserable out there. We did a quick walk around the block after lunch and I felt bad because the dogs wanted to sniff around and we just wanted to walk quickly and go back home.

We have the symphony tonight--the performance is supposed to feature drums in pots of water? And the pots of water are lit up? I'm not really sure. It ends with the suite from "The Firebird" so that should be fun.

The waves thing is coming along:

It is starting to look pretty good!

I finished "The Portable Veblen" but pretty much speeded through the last third. I didn't like it much. Now I have "The Swans of New York" and I hope that's better.

What's up with you?


elns said...

Oh your beautiful blue waves continue to knit up so nicely, it almost makes me want to take a crack and the soft and fuzzy lace again. Almost! Nice Try, Kim! I think I will continue to enjoy the ocean view you create from here!

kathy b said...

The waves thing is amazing Kim!!!! Wow. We are going to a percussion show tomorrow night. it was 60 here but the wind was 60 mph gusts. Really. A truck overturned ahead of us on our trip home today. Scary!

Anonymous said...

Waves is SUCH a pretty pattern and that color is just PERFECT!!!

Hope the symphony was as great as it sounded on the blog. Drums in water sound interesting.