Friday, March 11, 2016

E-O-S Musings

It is the End of Sabbatical (E-O-S) today. OK technically--classes don't start up for two weeks (one week of winter term finals and one week of spring break) but today is the last official day of classes and so I declare it the E-O-S. Please allow me to muse for a bit.

  • I'm proud of what I accomplished this sabbatical: I submitted four papers to academic journals, I contributed to a fifth paper that is due in about a month, I wrote two chapters for books that someone else is editing, and I wrote nine chapters (half a book) for a book with my colleague Larry and three chapters (1/4 of a book) for a workbook with two other colleagues. The academic papers weren't all started from scratch, so it isn't like I conceived five new studies. But most of them involved data collection, they all involved concentration (something lacking when you teach a lot) and several of them were outside my comfort zone (they involved the Theory of Moral Development, which is an ethics thing). 
  • I'm OK with what didn't get done---one paper was in the queue and I just didn't have the feels for it. I also have no where to submit it and it is WAY outside my comfort zone. Plus, I need something to do this summer. The other thing I didn't get a chance to do is read the pile of academic stuff I brought home to read--oh well. Now that I don't have to stress about summer research I can spend the summer reading all that.
  • I knit some good stuff, including this that I started on using the Koigu mini skeins (close ups in a future post, but this is very fun).
  • I also got a good start on some home decluttering projects: I took a first swipe at our two hall closets, I did some drawers in the office, and did a straighten up of my clothes closet. I'm working now on our guest room/yarn room. A few years back Tim built a wall of cubbies that I thought I could use to display yarn like in a yarn store. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Yarn store employees must spend most of their time putting back and straightening yarn from those cubbies. So I bought some storage bins from Target and now I'm reorganizing the yarn wall. Yesterday was reorganizing the already-rolled sock yarn balls by lining them up in the hallway and grouping them by color and putting them in the bins.

    I'm off to a conference next Wednesday--conferences always are hard for an introvert like me, and this one in particular is for a group for which I served as President a few years ago, and the current organizers have done some things I don't agree with. Whatever. They also rejected several of my submissions so I'm kind of annoyed by that too. Oh well. I'm going to get together with old friends and grad students who are now professors and I'm looking forward to that. Plus it is in Seattle and it is nice that it is close by. 

    Not sure what is up this weekend as it is supposed to rain--a lot--again. So we'll see. 



kathy b said...

Atta girl. We need introverts. My son is a quiet introspective person. I adore him. Glad you will get to a beautiful coast to enjoy some time!

elns said...

You've done well with your time, and I think your perspective on the item you couldn't completely check off is really positive with value.

I am jealous of any and everyone's decluttering, but I had a good laugh when you talked about trying to make a shelf like the yarn stores. The EXACT same thing happened to me. Guess what? Now it's a tower of clutter... le sigh.