Monday, March 28, 2016

First day back!

Let's celebrate with a meme from Kathy!

*Does your knitting reflect your address?
In other words, if you live in a wonderfully warm climate do you knit warm wooly hats and scarves? 
Ha! I live in a climate that is cool and rainy for 9 months and sunny and dry for 3 months. I knit mostly with wool--almost no summery stuff--and lots and lots of socks.

* Do you love your home?
Do you plan to move in the next ten years? 
I do love our home--this is the place I've lived the longest of anywhere in my life! But yes--we will move in the next ten years when we build our dream house on the Oregon coast! And then, it will be cool and rainy for 11 months out of the year (and that final month isn't a solid block of days--it is sunny days here and there throughout the year). 

*If you don't have the luxury of a nearby yarn studio,
what are your go to's  for mail order yarn companies? 
I'm not buying yarn these days (the stash is pretty big) but I liked Webs, Jimmy Beans, and Pacific Wool and Fiber when I was a shopper.

*Is there a knitted or crocheted blanket being used in any room of your home today?
Yes--our bed has a crocheted blanket by Tim's Aunt Ola and an aran blanket by me. And I have one that I need to seam together for Tim (just remembered that, thanks for the reminder Kathy!).

*Are your windows open today?
Nope but they probably could be--it is 52 out.

*Have wool pests ever invaded your knitting in your home?
Nope knockwoodknockwoodknockwood.

*Can you view the sunset from your home? 

When there aren't clouds.
During that three months.

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kathy b said...


Your answers are so dear. I will try Jimmy Beans soon.

I hope you do get your dream home!!!