Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Lookie! I finished something!

This is pre-blocked. I already dunked it and hung it up--it has grown about a foot in length and is spreading out nicely. I like it a lot. There are lots of ends to weave in, though.

I'm already thinking about the next project although I do need to finish up on some things. I have some stainless steel and silk yarn from Habu so may have to do a summer weight scarf with that. I also have found the perfect sock pattern for the turquoise yarn (with beads) so want to start that too.

I read a book called "Finding Jake"..meh.

We watched "And then there were none" on Lifetime. It was pretty saucy for an Agatha Christie but maybe they sauced it up a bit for the modern audience. I haven't read the original so I don't know how much (or whether they even) deviated from the original.

Other than that, enjoying my last few days of freedom! Happy Spring!


kathy b said...

Hooray for your finish. I love the cheerful colors. ENjoy all the rest of your break!

rosy said...

This piece is so pretty.
I saw 'And then there were none' too. I enjoyed but I'm glad I had Tully for company!

Rachel said...

I'm really loving the colors in this! Although maybe you'd be willing to put up a post-block photo of it? ahem...

Hope the transition back to the real world wasn't too startling so far...