Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just Because

As you might recall, I was searching for the perfect sock pattern for a skein of turquoise yarn that I uncovered while I was decluttering. I wanted something with beads and figured it would have cables, but the pattern I found--Just Because--is sort of lace-y but kind of looks like cables.

Here are some highlights of the sock in progress:
Above: the front of the sock.

Here is the side:
Can you see the beads?

I think the yarn is a bit more turquoise-y than it looks here but so far, I love these socks!


kathy b said...

Great socks. I love solids for lace or cabled socks/ Beautiful work!

elns said...

Yes I can see the beads, especially in that 2nd photo! Wow it looks really good. I love that you found this yarn while decluttering and inspiration hit!