Friday, March 25, 2016

Lots of Socks

Well not lots, just a few. Anyway--today is my last day of sabbatical (I guess)--the last day of spring break--and a new term starts Monday. I have one class from 8-10 on M/W and lots of meetings and such--we have a dean search happening and other end of year stuff. 

I'm not thrilled, but I can suck it up for ten weeks and then hopefully we have a new dean to make things better.

But in the meantime: SOCKS!

First--some socks I'm doing for Tim out of CoBaSi--corn/bamboo/sillk yarn. It is yummy. I almost never call yarn yummy. And it is cheap--I think $7 a skein and you'll need two for socks.

The Trachtensocken are almost done--about 12 rounds of the pattern are left and then the toe:

Yesterday Tim was working from home so I treated him out to lunch at the Original Pancake House. Yum!

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kathy b said...

Im all about some lace socks right now. YOURS are looking so good. I love the ORiginal Pancake house!!! ymmmmmmm