Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday Meme!

Kathy wants to know:

*Is sleep my friend or your foe: 90% of the time I get all the sleep I need. However, I do suffer from anxiety and if I start down the anxiety rabbit hole I can't sleep at all. I have techniques for dealing with this but it is always something to work on.

*Mindless knits or lace charts: I always have a mindless knit on the needles. I am not a big lace fan but I have one on the needles right now too.

*Should we hike or should we bike? I'll always be a hiker, although I have a bike. It is kind of hilly here.

*Do you knit at a certain time of the day or impromptu: I always knit while watching TV in the evenings, and can do a mindless knit while I'm reading a book. I can't knit while I'm working although I do take knitting to faculty meetings.

*Stephen West or Ann Budd designs: hmm. I know who both of these are and I'm pretty sure I've never knit a Stephen West design (mostly because they cost $6 each).  I think Ann Budd wrote those 'recipe' books for sweaters which I've definitely used.

*Shawls around your shoulders or backwards snuggling your neck: not big on shawls, but around my shoulders.

*Haircuts planned and frequent or whenever the hair is driving you crazy: I was just thinking I need to ask Tim to trim my hair this week!

*Faux fur fashion or chalked hair fad: I have a vest with a faux fur hood that I adore.

*Stitches convention or Sheep and Wool festivals: been to both, they are both a bit too crazy for me, although I do like seeing the animals.

*Keeping your New Years resolutions or fa ghetta bout it: ha!

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kathy b said...

Kim I Love reading your answers! Anxiety finds me too. Knitting always helps . :)