Sunday, March 06, 2016

New Project

I started the Split Back Tank right after I finished the Koto sweater--could two things be any different? One is grey and wool and warm. This is peach and bamboo and cool. And hopefully I'll be able to finish it by the time summer comes!

The yarn is some type of Crystal Palace bamboo that I've had forever, and it is a bit splitty but I still like it.

IN other news:
-we watched "Bridge of Spies" which I keep wanting to call "Bridge of Sights" last night. Kind of talky but good.
-I'm reading "The Lightkeepers" which is interesting--a photographer goes to stay on an archipelago 30 miles off the California coast and things get, um, interesting.

I'm off to wind some yarn. Hope your weekend is good!


kathy b said...

Is light keepers non fiction? My son may love it! I love your pink knitting

Kim in Oregon said...

The Light Keepers is fiction--but really good fiction. I would love to read a similar non fiction account.

KSD said...

I watched "Bridge of Spies" over the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tom Hanks is a marvel, and Mark Rylance deserved his Oscar.

The Split-Back Tank is on my "to-knit" list, definitely.

Rachel said...

I got your message(s) about The Light Keepers -- you'll get some direct replies on that one soon (my world got a little turned upside down and so I am not keeping up with anything!).

I've watched Bridge of Spies twice now and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. I agree with KSD on both Hanks and Rylance...the former always amazing and the latter...well, such quiet eloquence is the best way to say it.