Monday, March 14, 2016

Socks you say?

Kathy has a few questions about socks. I have answers! It is dark and rainy here (boo) but everything is becoming so green outside!

#1 Do you have a favorite sock yarn?: I have many favorites. I love Wollmeise and I also love String theory colorworks and Miss Babs. I am overloaded in sock yarn (see post from last week) though and won't be buying any more any time soon.

#2 Do you knit top down or toe up? If I'm doing a basic sock (no pattern), it will be toe up. If I'm following a pattern, then I will do as the pattern instructs. I'm good like that.

#3 Have you ever knit a Holiday Stocking? Yes--I knit stockings for both of us to match our tree skirt this year.

#4 Have you tried KnittersPride Karbon needles? No--should I?

#5 Do you knit through the back loop on your gusset pick ups on the first round? No--should I? Why has no one told me this/

#6 Do you know someone famous who knit socks? No?

#7 It is Pi Day.  This is Miss Pie's designated Birthday. 
She is 3 now. 
Will you have Pie today? Happy birthday Miss Pie! I wasn't planning on it but I will get some at the grocery store!

#8 Have you seen the see through clogs that show off your handknit socks? Yes, I even got some once but they were incredibly uncomfortable.

#9 What's the biggest pair of socks you've ever knitted? I guess the christmas socks?

#10 What color is your current or last pair of knit socks? Brown and navy. I have some lovely turquoise blue that I've been experimenting with for a cable and beads pattern. I gave up and found a pattern on Rav and I'll start that one soon.


kathy b said...

Well Im going to find some String Theory colorworks yarn TOday!!!!

elns said...

I love Kathy's memes and everyone's answers. As for #4 I like mine ... I've broken so many dpns that they please me, but every knitter is different. I wonder if you could try some out at the LYS? As for #5 I asked the exact same question. Like what?? The whole round, what is this. We must investigate!