Tuesday, March 01, 2016

ToT: The Extra Hour Edition

In honor of Leap Day yesterday, with all its promise of specialness because A WHOLE EXTRA DAY, Carole asked what we would do with an extra hour. Irony alert: Daylight Savings does something next weekend (either starts or ends) so we lose an hour--and so that extra hour would really be welcomed! (Note to self: double check definition of irony so you don't become that person who doesn't know what irony is).

1. Walk the dogs longer. We try to walk the dogs every day and too often it feels like a chore rather than a fun thing. An extra hour would help me feel more present in that walk time.
2. Clean. There's always something that I'd rather do than clean, but maybe an extra hour would make it not so bad? (Note to self: who are you kidding?).
3. Read serious books. I had a stack of serious books that I wanted to read over sabbatical and now I'll read them over summer break (which is OK, really). But an extra hour would be time to read something a bit more challenging than I usually read.
4. Garden. I like gardening. I'd do more of it if I had a bit more time. And it is getting nice out there too (Note to self: take garden pictures for the blog).
5. Take a nap, and then maybe stay up a bit later in the evening.
6. Fret less over lines, traffic, events that go long, etc.
7. Be neater.  (OK I'm trying to think of things that don't involve chores, and it is hard).
8. Venture farther afield---more time for the coast and mountains.
9. Throw stuff out of the fridge as it gets gross as opposed to waiting for the monthly purge.
10. Obligatory 'knit more' statement.

As I write this (and maybe this is what Carole intended) it becomes clear that I can easily grab an extra hour every day--play less Papa Pear, spend less time looking at Oscar gowns, less time checking online for all my medical symptoms the minute I feel not 100%. I'm going to be more mindful of the time wasting on the computer and get some of that hour every day. Thanks Carole!

ET to fix the start of Daylight Whatever to the weekend after this coming weekend--thank you Bonny for the fact check!


kathy b said...

I purged the fridge yesterday! Great minds think alike !

Bonny said...

No! Don't waste your extra hour on cleaning! That's my philosophy, but that's also probably why my house looks "lived in". I don't think DST starts until March 13, so we don't lose the hour until next weekend.

AsKatKnits said...

"Clean my house in a free hour" said no one ever!

WE won't let you!! LOL :)

Outside of that - fantastic list!!

Kwizgiver said...

Cleaning wasn't anywhere on my list. ;-)