Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TOT: Let's go outside!

Carole asked about ten things I like to do outside. We are lucky to live somewhere where we can be outside all year long (mostly--once you get used to the rain). I think the prompt could be 100 things and I'd run out of stuff to say. So let's go!

  1. Walk the dogs. Absolutely my favorite thing. I love seeing the world through their eyes (and noses). We have several walks in our neighborhood of varying lengths and they get on one of them every day.
  2. Hike. A bit more effortful than a walk, for us a hike generally involves driving somewhere to start the hike. We live close to mountains and to the ocean and so we have lots of great options for beautiful hikes. With dogs, of course.
  3. Kayak. In the summer we try to get out on the water once a week. We have hard shells for lakes and an inflatable for rivers.  
  4. Garden. I get in 'moods' when I must garden. I was in one on Sunday, and got a lot of leaves and weeds cleaned out.
  5. Have class. Nothing is better than taking a class to sit in the sun and Think Big Thoughts. 
  6. Eat. I love eating outside--either on our patio or on a restaurant patio. 
  7. Look at the ocean. I love the ocean--walking by it, or sitting somewhere and watching it. 
  8. Drive with the top down. I miss Tim's red miata, and we hope to have another convertible at one point. We will rent a convertible for Hawaii this summer.
  9. Frisbee. We live close to a small park and will bop over to play frisbee to take a break.
  10. Read and knit. Two for one!


Bonny said...

I remember from my student days how much fun it was to have class outside! We had one professor that made us wheel the chalkboard outside, and another one that just wrote notes on the sidewalk or walls with chalk. A fun way to learn!

elns said...

I love to knit outside. Your list reminds me that I can do more activities outside than I do, but you know ... whatever as long as I remember to get outdoors. A little sunshine and fresh air. I'm okay with the rain. It's the wind that I loathe, especially when it makes the rain go all horizontal. blech.

Bridget said...

I have to say, when I was a student, I absolutely hated having class outside! Between my allergies, and the fact that the ground was often damp, it was something I dreaded.

Such is life, right? ;-)

Donna said...

I just loved when my teacher would take us outside for class. It was so refreshing and I found it easier to concentrate actually.

kathy b said...

My kids used to love playing frisbee with my husband outside.

I love to water outside when the plants need it.
I love to cut the lawn. Silly me.
I love to sleep on the back porch and knit there of course

AsKatKnits said...

I am envious of your proximity of water and mountains! You have the best of both worlds it sounds like! Great list!