Wednesday, March 09, 2016


I finished the first Trachtensocken!

I did a shorter one than the pattern recommends because this seems to take a lot of yarn. As you can see, I did a contrasting heel and toe because I was worried about having enough of the brown yarn.

Cables are my absolute favorite thing to knit, and these socks look complex but are really really fun.


kathy b said...

Maybe just maybe I'll cable a sock too! Ive finally loved Cabling!

rosy said...

I am always totally fascinated by all your socks! They are all so beautiful and you seem to have so many (I have three ~ all shop-bought and knee length as otherwise they slouch uncomfortably around my ankles and slip into the boots). I think it must be much colder in Eugene than Hertfordshire!

AsKatKnits said...


elns said...

Oh they are beautiful! I like cables, but cables on socks I've yet to do, they feel more complicated not less to me and I'm wary at your "fun" description ;) But really good job! I like the shorter size - socks no matter what size are practical for some shoe / food or another!