Monday, March 21, 2016

What I MEME to say---

OH that Kathy, always with the questions on Monday!

 1. Last thing you finished: I had to go look this up on the blog. It is the grey Kato sweater.
 If only it was a bit chillier--I'd wear this!
2. Favorite pattern to knit again and again:  either a plain pair of socks (I don't even use a recipe) or else Clapotis!

3. Do you prefer to drive or fly ? I like to drive if it means going somewhere with Tim and the dogs. I chose to fly to Seattle because it isn't that fun to drive alone.

4. Do you use a paper map or your phone's directions? Oh lord, I'm so lame with the phone direction thing, I have to admit, it is embarassing.

5. Would you rather a National park or an Amusement Park? Definitely a national park!

6. Do you like to go to the same place for vacation over and over or somewhere new?  I like to go to Pacific City and would be happy going there every year, but I'm embracing the new.

7. Car knitting necessitates ingenuity sometimes. How ingenious have you had to be?   I usually just do plain socks in the car, especially because I get car sick and have to do something that requires little looking at.

8. Have you ever seen another knitting in the passenger seat knitting on the road? No but I would give them a thumbs up.

9. Do you collect anything on vacation?  I used to collect those tacky beaded belts but now I try to collect shells and rocks.
10.  Do you get homesick? All the time. All. The. Time.

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kathy b said...

Oh I'm not the only one who gets homesick! Thank you !!!!!
I love your answers. Thanks for playing MOnday MEME