Sunday, April 03, 2016

A Flip-Flop Day

With apologies to my midwestern readers, it was a gorgeous spring day here in the PNW. I ended up in flip flops for much of the afternoon--FLIP FLOPS! ON APRIL 2!

We started the day with a morning spent in the back yard cleaning and getting ready for patio season. Generally this happens on Memorial Day weekend. But it was so beautiful out we spent the morning weed whacking the dog's yard, cutting down tree limbs that were hanging over our neighbor's yard, sweeping up dead leaves and pine needles, pulling up those little weeds that grow between bricks on the patio, and cleaning off the patio furniture. It looks great out there now!

And here are a few photos of the tulips, that are still going strong!

There's also some hopeful indications from our recalcitrant wisteria that it may choose to bloom again this year, for the second time ever!

After we did yard work we went to lunch at our favorite dive--Chow. Then we came home, grabbed the dogs, and went for along walk along the river. They enjoyed it, as did we. And my Fitbit is happy I'm not the biggest slacker on the planet.

Then we came home and sat on the cleaned off patio and relaxed a bit.

I'm still enjoying working on the turquoise socks:

That picture, while cockeyed, is much closer to the color than previous pictures.

We watched "Steve Jobs" last night and it was really good--much better than the Aston Kutchner (sp?) movie. I finished the book "The Nest" which was OK--kind of light but kind of serious. I'm now reading "The Mark and the Void" which is interesting--cynical and odd, but good so far.

The first week of spring term is over. It is weird going back to so much busy work but I'll handle it. :-). Nine more weeks.

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kathy b said...

love your sock KIM! I want to see the Steve Jobs movie. Husband and son saw and liked it.
Hang on lady, summers coming