Friday, April 22, 2016

And Friday

Well this has been a week.

I'm sad about Prince--he was always one of my favorites and his impact on art and music is huge. And I'm a bit freaked out because he is my age. It is challenging for me to believe that he was just 26 when he did Purple Rain and it was 1982 when he did 1999. If you like his music, it really stands the test of time.

I also really appreciated his business sense (he had complete control of his image and never let it go) and also that he mentored other acts. I always found Morris Day and the Time to be fun to listen to and watch (I mean, who can't hear "Jungle Love" and start dancing? What? You don't know that song? Ohwayohwayoh). And Sheila E. And ETA to add Wendy and Lisa who are now creating music for TV and film--they did the "Nurse Jackie" theme.

He will be missed greatly.

In other news: I'm still plugging away on the Sea Tangles scarf but it seems like I knit and I knit and it grows a centimeter:

I guess I should have knitted this on even bigger needles.

And I did finish the socks:
And I did cast on for something new which I'll show you once things get a little further along.

Other than that, I've been working on my class, on finishing up a book project, and lots of the effluvia that comes with being a professor. What is something nice that happened to you this week?


kathy b said...

I admire your fish net knitting. I'd never be able to work that. It will be so beautiful. Love love love the sock finish. Something nice that happened to me this week: My first bone density test came back wonderful. Recheck in 10 years!

Kim in Oregon said...

Congrats on the positive bone news! Do you do calcium?