Friday, April 29, 2016

Brave New Knitting

While digging in one of my stash bins* I found a huge hank of fingering weight yarn--the label doesn't give me any information other than there is kid mohair in there but I know it isn't ALL kid mohair. It is a Special Yarn and I've been thinking about a Special Pattern for this yarn.

Tim wound the whole thing, by the way.

After looking at a lot of things, I have decided on a shawl pattern called Morvarch by Lucy Hague. Here is a quote from the RAV page:

"The construction of this lace-weight shawl is rather complex and unusual. The shawl begins with the centre square, worked outwards in the round. Then, two of the edges around the square are filled in with short rows, and the body is worked in stocking stitch, finished with lace ribbing. After this, the other two edges of the square are filled in and rest of the shawl is worked exactly as the other side."

I cannot get my mind around that. At all. At all. So wish me luck!

*I have three major storage areas for yarn. In one closet are two pull out bins for odds and ends. I have three big bins in another closet. And then I have cubbies on the wall in the guest room. I have too much yarn.


kayT said...

There is no such thing as too much yarn. And even if there were, I have been told by no less a knitter than Jean (of that sock yarn does not count. This gorgeous blue yarn is fingering, so it does not count. But, that shawl sounds incomprehensible; I am eager to see how it goes. Pictures!

kathy b said...

It doesn't look lace weight in the Rav image. I LOVE it. Very celtic. YOu go girl!