Friday, April 15, 2016

Busy Times

It has been a bit nutty around here--Tim has been in Corvallis for four out of five days this week and so that always throws us off. He stayed over night last night as he had a dinner last night and then meetings today. Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment, then a defense, then came home and graded and then went to the symphony--got home about 10:30, talked to Tim, then of course couldn't sleep. This morning I got up at 6, worked out, went to a donor breakfast, came home and graded (and Skyped with my friend Lauren in Austria) and then graded some more.

Now I'm just tired.

And the knitting is not Moving Forward. I want to cast on something new but I"m trying not to. Plus I just found a cute new tank pattern in the new Twist collective: Papeda. I may have to go look to see if I have something in the stash I can use for this.

And the Sea Tangles should just be much farther along by now:

But it isn't.

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