Thursday, April 07, 2016

I See High Seas!

I returned to the High Seas after ignoring it for a bit. For a lace pattern, it is incredibly easy to get back in the groove.

I'm anticipating that three balls of Kidsilk Haze will work for this--I'm about halfway through ball two.

I had an AWFUL day at work yesterday, with stupid colleagues saying stupid things in two different stupid contexts. Luckily, some logical argument solved the problem with the first one. The second one, well, that is ongoing and still stupid.

What is new with you? I feel so rushed these days but hopefully things will calm down.


Bridget said...

Wow that project looking gorgeous! I love the color. It almost makes me want to try lace again (I've never been remotely successful before) ...

kathy b said...

Let those sea waves enter your sweet soul! Work crap... I sure don't miss it. It is very stressful. Cant we just be nice? I guess not. we are human. Hope it works out well and you can really enjoy your weekend Kim