Monday, April 11, 2016

If it is Monday... must be Monday meme!

1. What did you do during the Masters?

I worked in the garden! Sorry golf fans.

2. What is your most recent knit fail/change my mind/don't want to knit this afterall?

I have a shawl that has been languishing for years. It is Romeo.

3. When was the last time you walked in the rain?
The last time it rained here--which was probably last Tuesday? It is supposed to start raining again tonight though.

4. Do you like to get yarn as a gift?

I do, but it doesn't happen very often.

5. When is the last time you had to repair a handknit?

Socks need repair all the time. All. The. Time.

6. If someone was going to knit you the perfect sweater would it be a Fisherman's Irish sweater or a Lopi ?

Definitely fisherman's knit.

7.   When was the last time you raised your voice?

Last Wednesday at a contentious meeting.

8.  Do you take blog photos with your phone or a special camera?

I have a point and shoot and the IPhone camera: the point and shoot definitely gets better iages but the iPhone is more convenient.

Are you a golf fan? I would imagine it makes for great knitting time!


kayT said...

I'm just getting holes in a whole bunch of socks all of a sudden, in the bottom of the heels. So, since you say socks need mending all the time, you must have some good tips for mending socks. How about some tips??

elns said...

I used to watch golf and cross stitch when I was pregnant. I'll blame the hormones. I think maybe it was some kind of precision thing I was going for at the time without knowing it. Like playing pool. I used to like to play pool (yes beer was usually involved) and I used to like to go to the driving range. Golf I would play 9 holes every now and again when somehow it came up. But I wouldn't say it's a go to watching sport.

I just bought my first darning egg. Wish me luck. Apparently the more you knit these things (socks) the more you'll have to fix them. I am beginning to appreciate nylon blends more ...

Kim in Oregon said...

I tend to just close up the hole as best I can--no specific teps. Maybe Ellen will help us understand the magic of a darning egg!

I feel particularly lame about the socks because Comet (dog) got a hold of my finished blue sock and chewed the toe off! Luckily I think I can reknit it but damn.