Saturday, April 09, 2016

Magpie Knitting

I have a very short knitting attention span these days and I want to cast on for All The Things. I have Too Many All The Things on the needles yet still find stuff I want to make. I think when I get stressed and busy at work, I transfer that emotional business on to the knitting. Yay me!

And so we have this:

This is the Sea Tangles Scarf which is interesting--the pattern maker created a spreadsheet so that every scarf turns out differently. What makes this work, imho, is the yarn--it is Habu Textiles Silk Stainless Steel--I had it in both red and white in the stash. It is working up to look like a net that someone found in the sea. I love it, and it will be a great summer scarf. I'll make one in white too.

1 comment:

kathy b said...


I feel the same way! I just cant knit on any one thing for long.......
So its socks mostly. Quick satisfation.
Love your netting shawl!