Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Meme

*1 Have you washed your winter woolens and put them away?
Yes I have--just this weekend--just like the Mother of all Memes

*2 What do you wash your wools and knits in ?
We have a front loader so I just use that on handwash (if I remember) with a little bit of Tide

*3 Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months? 
I gave up Diet Coke this year so I think it will either be ginger ale or La Croix sparkling water

*4 Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor?
Probably--we live on a dead end street so we call kind of look out for each other

*5 Time when you were so hungry you ate something and thought it was amazing, when you knew it wasn't. 
Hmm--anything when I'm really hungry tastes great--Taco Bell?

*6 I read that department stores are going to have to close many sites.
I'm guilty, I order by mail.
Is there a store you would really miss if it closed a building but stayed open on line?
Not really--I do order most stuff online--

*7 What was your most recent purchase related to knitting?
Probably some chiagu circs with a red cord in size 5--I can knit just about anthing on those babies!

*8 Do you use a row counter?
Yep --I would say 90% of the time

*9  What is the main color of the current project you are devoting your precious knit time to:
Either red (the sea tangles scarf) or peach (the top)

*10 What is the shortest and longest your hair has ever been?

Longest: Grew it as long as it would grow--past my shoulders--for my wedding
Shortest: I got it almost all cut off twice--once before I went to Europe in college (so I didn't have to take a bulky blow dryer--it was 1974!) and once before we went to Costa Rica in 2005 (a few places we stayed had no electricity)--the Costa Rica haircut was great since I broke my collarbone while I was there and needed something 'wash and go' while I healed!

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kathy b said...

Oh I loved hearing your short hair story . way to have a silver lining!
I need to start using a row of the time is awesome for a row counter. Maybe that's why you knit so beautiuflly