Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Monday

And time for a meme!

1. What's the most you would pay for a skein of sock yarn? 
$26 --sock yarn is crazy expensive these days--and I have more sock yarn than I'll ever need--is that TMI?

2. What part of a pattern intimidates you? 
when you have to do two things simultaneously like decrease for an armhole and a neck!

3. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten lately?
I had a caesar salad with chicken that was served with fries on top--pretty delish!

4. If you had the grave misfortune of being in a fire, would you grab your stash or your FO's?
HA! I couldn't grab the stash--honestly I'm too busy grabbing the dogs and the cats--

5. What is a big compromise in one of your relationships?
(sshhhhh you can tell us!) 
Let me think on that one and get back to you

6. Do you bathe your pets?
The dogs get a bath once a year particularly if they are getting very itchy

7. Have you ever been bitten by your pet?
Yes---Comet has bit me once by mistake when I was trying to separate her from Pilot--and then she bit me when we got charged by the deer last summer--I think she was telling me to protect her!
8. How do you deal with pooling colors?
I love them for their challenges

9. Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016?
Oh lordy Kathy what a question!

10. Do you enjoy Monday Memes?
I love them!!

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kathy b said...

Thank yoU KIM!!!!
You are right the cats would be my first Save!