Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nova Scotia

I cast on the for the Nova Scotia cowl (240 stitches!) and joined it to knit in the round (and didn't mess it up!) and so far I love it:
I have at least two (maybe three) different groups of yarn that I think would look great with this pattern. I'm starting with some Rowan Calmer in three colors: a teal blue, a light blue, and a kind of sea green (that looks yellow here).

Here are all three colors in a different light.

Anyway--it is a fun knit, good for TV watching, and I think I can see myself knitting many of these.

In other news: the tulips have departed the garden but have been joined by:
what looks to be lots and lots of irises. I ran into a colleague yesterday who mentioned it was a 'good winter' for irises--not sure what that means but I think they'll look great.

It is supposed to be a cool and rainy weekend here so lots of knitting should happen. I started putting away winter clothes yesterday as well so there's always the closets to straighten out if I get bored.

We are on a 'wait and see' plan with Pilot right now to see if his lump gets smaller.

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kathy b said...

I have to go look up NOva scotia now. Im going to clean and store winter knititng today!