Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nova Scotia

I'm kind of loving the Nova Scotia cowl--you can see from its poised position on top of our printer that I've added in the third color (toward the top--the light blue) and this is just a happy cowl.

This is all done with slipped stitches--no colorwork! So that's fun too. I'm using Calmer, a discontinued Yarn of Wonder that I weep about every day because it is no longer with it (ok that's an exaggeration--but this is a wonderful cotton blend that feels great to knit up and to wear).

ALMOST halfway through the term, as my colleagues on the semester system are moving into finals week. Jealous of them now but I get that time back in August and September (we don't start until the end of September) and so get to enjoy the glorious summer in Eugene.

I read "Eligible" which is Curtis Sittenfeld's retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It is pretty good even when you know the story. She does a fun job of updating it to the current day with realistic characters and situations. Nicely done! Now I"m reading a mystery by Charles Finch. Have you read those? They seem pretty good!


kathy b said...

Love your cowl colors. Just light enough blue to be pretty and not look collegiate! Im sorry your fave yarn is discontinued! ugh.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cowl!

Those colors are such a happy mix.