Monday, April 04, 2016

Once again Kathy gets in my business

Today Kathy asks:
*Do you Listen to  or watch any Knit Podcasts?
No--I am also not big on audiobooks.
*Do you purchase pattern books now that you have Ravelry? 
I've pretty much stopped buying physical books and am thinking about selling/donating most of mine.
*Do you have a photo of yourself knitting?
I have one that I took knitting at a waterfall in Costa Rica. I'll have to dig one up.
*Do you have a photo of a relative who has passed knitting or crocheting?
Nope. I don't know anyone who actually knit other than  my mom, and she didn't do it often: she has yet to shed her mortal coil.
*What is your favorite two color combination?
Hmmm. This is a good one. Purple and white (go U Northwestern). Pink and Black. Red and Black. Navy and white. Let's go with Navy and white. Or grey and white. Or grey and pink. Or grey and blue.
*Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from knitting?
Prevented--no. I wore those carpal tunnel gloves for a while when my wrists really hurt. But even when I broke my collarbone I was able to knit.
*Do you know a man who loves to knit?
No in real life.
*Have you ever been asked to knit something for pay?
Not in real life.
*Have you knit with Quivet?
HA HA no. But one time we were in Alaska and Tim was encouraging me to buy some--however he read the price wrong and the real price was 10X what he thought it was. Interestingly, we went into a gallery right before (or after, can't recall) and I did the same thing to him!
*Do you play the lottery and would you giveaway yarns if you won?
Yes because you cannot win if you don't play (best ad slogan ever of all time ever ever). Would I give away yarn if I won? I haven't thought about it but why not??

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KSD said...

I'm trying to get a rolling knitting/crocheting library going here; I'd be happy to have any books you'd like to donate!