Sunday, April 10, 2016

One down!

Of these socks!

Things I like about this pattern: nice lace pattern that looks a bit cable-y, BEADS, and you can do either a 'long toe' or a 'short toe' depending on where the 12-round pattern ends on your foot. OH and a fun and unique heel.

It does need a block so I'll do more pictures when the #2 is done.

Watching: we watched "Carol" last night--it was a gorgeous film. And we're also watching "Mr. Robot" which is simply messed up. ALso enjoying the new season of "Grantchester" on PBS and Tim tolerates watching "Mr. Selfridge" with me.

Reading: "The Anniversary" by Liane someone the Australian author. It is lightweight which is what I need right now!

Saturday: long walk, brunch and an afternoon nap. And Tim made pretzels!

Today: long walk and then ??

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