Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thinking ahead

So I have BIG KNITTING PLANS yet I must finish things that are on the needles. So here is my tally:

On the needles:

1. Just Because socks Funny that I was asked about the best way to fix socks--the other day Comet got a hold of the finished Just Because and basically ripped out the toe. Luckily I'm pretty sure that I can figure out how to fix it but gah. So basically--I'm maybe 60% done?

2. Sea Tangles no where near done.

3. High seas maybe halfway done?

4. Bamboo socks

5. A top that I started but got bored with

What I want to knit:

1. Irina Pullover This is so pretty. I have some Elsebeth Lavold in a dark teal in the stash that I can use on this.
2. jessica Tank I have some black yarn in the stash.

3. Torquata I have some silver/grey yarn for the middle and some variegated yarn from Mountain Colors

4. Nova Scotia cowl This just looks fun. I have a few different options--one in kind of muted tones and one in brighter tones. Looking forward to this one!


kathy b said...

Torquata looks like a great pattern. Cannot wait to see yours

Bridget said...

I hear you! I'm in the same boat with my knitting.

Those are all lovely patterns, I'd have a hard time choosing what to start next.