Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Two Memes

Carole and Kathy both posted memes today, so let's do them both!

Carole asked about ten things from the long weekend. Here goes:

1. Long walks with dogs all day (yay!)
2. Indian Food for lunch on Saturday.
3. I washed the cars (the annual ritual)
4. I weed whacked the back yard.
5. I finished two books (Mothering Sunday and Be Frank with Me)
6. I started several more and gave up after a few pages (yay library!)
7. I sat on the patio and did some watercolor painting.
8. We watched "Madoff".
9. Tim made an entire dinner--bbq chicken, zucchini, corn and sweet potatoes--on the Big Green Egg.
10. I politely answered questions from students even though it was a holiday.

And Kathy asked some yes or no questions:

*Will you be watching the Summer Olympics? Maybe? The Olympics will have Rugby 7s this year so I'm eager to see that--but not sure if that will ever be shown.

*Is School OUT yet in your neighborhood? No, not yet--another week I think.

*Did you go to summer camp? Yes. I hated sleep away camp but I went to a neighborhood day camp.

*Do you display your needles? No. I wish I could even find my needles when I want specific ones!

*Have you been on Ravelry this week? Yes, of course!

*Do you walk outside at night? Yes--we try to do a little stroll in the evenings in the summer and watch the bats come out (which makes it sound like we live in Translyvania).

*Do you think in metric? HAHA no.

*Do you want a swap? Yes, I could swap.

*Are you afraid of mosquito borne illness? Not really but I think I should be.

*Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016 yet? No but then I'm not big on gift knitting!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

It grows

This scarf continues to go pretty quickly:

I'm almost done with one repeat--the pattern says that three repeats equal a scarf but I'm also thinking that two repeats and a seam would make a cowl. I think the little pools of color are all working really well for this scarf, so yay! And thanks Twinnie!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here--we went for a long walk with the dogs and I washed the cars (we wash them maybe once or twice a year. They're filthy). I also finished one book ("Let me be Frank" which was cute) and got almost all the way through a novella called "Mothering Day."  I sat on the patio and knit and that was lovely too.

Last night we watched "Truth" which had Cate Blanchette in it (can she do anything poorly?) and Robert Redford played Dan Rather. The script was a bit clunky but it was good. And it was nice to see Dennis Quaid in a movie.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lamina Wrap

This is the Lamina Wrap that I'm doing as a scarf. Surprise! I haven't really talked about it because--oh I don't even know why. It needed to grow a bit before I wrote about it.

I have all these tiny mini skeins and let's face it, I'm never going to make a hexagon quilt (maybe I'll take the hexagons and make a garland for the Christmas tree or for a wreath). So with Lamina I can use those mini skeins in each one of the lace sections that you see, and the solid color sections are going to be using smaller balls (bigger than mini skeins) of a gradient (it will all  make sense once I get the second gradient ball going). Anyway--this is kind of fun and makes a bit of a crazy quilt thing which I like.

Last night we watched the first episode of the second season of 'Bloodline'--that show is so good. If you have Netflix you should definitely watch it.

Not much planned is for Memorial Day as we speed toward the end of the term. Hope yours is good.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Bingo!

I've never done this before but I"m giving it a try!
I will have a few problems with a presidential biography (suggestions?) but other than that I should be fine!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here's that scarf

The pattern writer mentioned that this scarf goes really quickly and she is correct, it does! I'm about 1/6 of the way through this scarf (in total!) and it goes very fast--I love it! And this yarn will make for a lovely cotton scarf.

Someone sent me the adorable bee needles (Twinnie--was this you?):

They give a nice weight to the knitting.

Other than that, busy with the end of school. I have six defenses left (one comes after the end of the term, two are tomorrow) and my class has a group project (and they get to award 1/3 of the grade for the project--they 'grade' one another's group, and each team member grades each member of the team).

Confidentially, of course.

I always enjoy that part.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ToT--what's for dessert?

I love this TOT topic and I LOVE dessert! I kind of don't trust people who say they don't like dessert. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Lava cake. I know this is very 1980s but what is better than cake and fudge and chocolate?
2. Chocolate mousse. Lava cake without the bells and whistles.
3. Turtle sundae, which is basically butter pecan ice cream with chocolate fudge.
4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge.
5. Carrot cake (the healthy choice) (haha)
6. Tiramisu (yum)
7. Pavlova (yum)
8. Macarons (the trendy choice)
9. Angelfood cake with some ice cream on it
10. Creamsickles

There are desserts I don't like--I'm not a big pie fan not am I a big cobbler fan. Because fruit doesn't really belong in dessert (unless chocolate is involved).

Monday, May 23, 2016

This or that (or the other thing)

Kathy has more questions!

*Do you love Noro or not so much? 
Not so much--I find it a bit scratchy and I don't like the occasional vegetable matter
*Are you more likely to wear a  poncho or a shawl?
Definitely definitely a shawl!
*Which brings you more joy,  Casting on or Casting off?
This is hard! My first reaction was 'casting off of course' but now that I think about it I think casting on!
*Are you more likely to knit a baby a hat or booties?
Hat! Booties are fiddly!
*Does anyone in your family fall asleep in a chair or do they fall asleep in bed?
Tim and I are both guilty of falling asleep sitting up.
*Would you rather win a hot air balloon ride or a dinner cruise? 
I get seasick and I'm scared of heights--but I would like to do a balloon ride some day!

*Do you watch the awful news or do you avoid it? I avoid it completely!

Finally, Do you go to the movies or wait for them on cable? We tend to wait for the DVD or the Netflix (we don't have the fancy cable channels).

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Up (and down) Date

 This gorgeous hank of yarn arrived in the mailbox courtesy of my twinnie.

It is cotton and bamboo and it is perfect for a summer scarf. And today I found the perfect pattern: the Up and Down Summer Scarf.

And if you go to Ravelry in the next few days, you can sign up for the KAL and get a coupon code to get the pattern for free! So that's a win! I'm going to cake this up today and cast on!

In other news:
-We watched "Concussion" last night--it was very good but pretty sad, especially if you are a football fan.
-I'm reading a great book called "The Ecliptic". I read the first novel by this author (Benjamin Wood) last winter (The Bellwether Revivals) and this one is equally engaging.
-Last week was pretty crazy with end of term stuff, and this week will be a bit calmer but still a bit busy.
-Other than that, life is pulling weeds and sweeping up dog hair.

I love foxgloves: here are the volunteers in my yard:

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I finished the Geology Shawl and this is how it looked before its bath:

 I am a HUGE fan of 'samplers' and this artist, VeryBusyMonkey on Rav, does this a lot in her patterns. Here is a close up:

You can see the lace on top and the sort of 'stepping stone' pattern on the bottom. It will look better post blocking I imagine!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A big mess o'nothing

That is what the geology shawl looks like right now:
It doesn't quite fit on the needle any more.

And close up just looks like a blob.

But it should be done this weekend and hopefully it will look more magical when blocked. Maybe not though--I will probably knit another one is smoother yarn, particularly the stairstep pattern which is very cool.

It is SO BUSY at work--this is week 8 (out of 10). In addition to class, I have three defenses this week (and the undergraduate research poster session tomorrow night--a Friday night who thought of that?), two next week, one during week 10 and one during week 11 (finals week).  And two yet to schedule.

I've also been working on editing down a piece for a case study for a journal (nice hit for my grad student) and working on a major revision/rewrite of another piece and trying to figure out just exactly what the reviewers want on a third piece. Good times!

Last night we started watching the spoof documentary series on Netflix called "Documentary Now!" Have you seen it? It is really, really funny.

'Til I come up for air....

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kathy's Monday meme

It is Monday and of course it is all about Kathy and her meme!

*Am I surprised that Kathy is knitting lace with Big Yarn?

I am all for knitting lace with yarn that is bigger than laceweight. It is the only way I can stay sane when doing lace! So Kathy, you go, girl!

*What's your favorite toe nail polish color for summer?

I don't paint my toes (sorry). Or my fingers.

*What do you do with an odd leftover knitted sock?

It lives sadly alone in a drawer.

*Have you ever had lice?

No--I guess I have been lucky that way!

*Have you ever had a Tic?

We're having a bad tick season in the PNW, and we have found a great drug for the dogs that kills fleas and Ticks and it seems to really work. I've had a tick or two in my life (mostly as a little kid) but we try to be vigilant about keeping them off the dogs.

Are you afraid of needles? 

I thought this meant knitting needles! I'm not afraid of them! But other needles--yes. I even cried one time when someone told me I couldn't register for class until I had a tetanus shot. I pictures a HUGE needle for that. The person felt sorry for me and just told me not to fall into the Charles River in Boston and she would let me register.
Just so you know, I have had an update to my tetanus shot recently so I'm good to fall into rivers and cut myself and things.

I have to say I really don't notice the people who make patterns. The one I do remember is Kieran Foley since his (I think he's a guy) patterns are really really unique.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday catchup

We are having a relatively quiet weekend here--Tim is working hard on his class stuff and I'm working hard on--what? I did a bit of work yesterday and am reading a good book called "Rain Dogs" by Adrian McKinty--it is a police procedural (I guess part of a series) set in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. It is quite good---usually about 3/4 of the way through I zip to the end to see who did it but this one I'm still interested in and reading every word with about a fifth of the book left.

I gave up on 'Three Martini Lunch" which is a book about the publishing world in the 1950s--just not that interesting.

I've been working on the Geology Shawl:

This is actually upside down but you can see how there are a few distinct section/textures (maybe? The yarn is kind of busy. I still like it though).

Here's a close up:
You can see kind of see two different designs--a lacey on the top and then a more geometric one on the bottom.

We watched "The Danish Girl" last night and it was a beautifully filmed movie--interesting subject and acting (although I think it went on a bit long). The scenery was gorgeous (and the sets were gorgeous as well).

Enjoy Sunday!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Almost nothing

I've got almost nothing for you today. Well I have this:
This yarn is so fiddly, I really can't make any good progress on it. In a two hour block, I can get maybe six or eight rows done. I keep plugging though because I love the idea of a light summer scarf and the deconstructed nature is cool. At least to me.

We have three weeks of school left (then finals week) and I'm at the place where all I can do is grade. Next week: three senior thesis defenses. Week after that: at least one thesis defense and one PhD proposal defense. I'm still waiting for a few people to finish and then comes the fun of grading my class. So that is me for the next few weeks.

I don't have a whole lot of plans for the summer--I got a lot of research done during the sabbatical and have one or two new projects in the works, and then some work with grad students. But only one project 'starting up' and that is a good feeling--I feel in a bit more control than I usually do this close to the summer. I also have a lot of reading to do, mostly around the topic of communication and science--I'll be teaching a class on that next year. I meant to do a lot of reading over the sabbatical but that was not to be.

The last Symphony concert of the season was last night--the orchestra played Beethoven's 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) and it was wonderful. The first 'half' was a premiere done by a colleague at the music school who is kind of a jerk and so that colored my enjoyment of the piece.  But the Beethoven was terrific.

Not many plans for the weekend--it is supposed to rain and Tim has a lot of work to do (and I could spend some time working too).  What are you doing?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pivot pt. 2

Remember the geology shawl?

Welp, it just wasn't working with the furry blue yarn--it needed a yarn with better stitch definition. So I dug out some Miss Babs from the stash and cast on and I really like how it looks. I know you can't see it that well with this camera (iPhone camera) but I think it is going to work out very well.

For the blue yarn, I'm going to do a drop stitch and cable cowl of my own invention. Or at least until I pivot again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another ToT Bust

Yet again, I have nothing to contribute to today's ten on Tuesday--how do we welcome people to the neighborhood? Basically we wave until we see them out watering their lawn or picking up their mail and then I go and quiz them about their entire personal history. Pilot, though:

He greets everyone like they are his oldest bestest friend ever and where have they been? WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN?

Except for Nelly, the love of his life. Then he's just kind of beside himself.

Comet is warrier and Jessie Cat (rare sighting) is generally disinterested.

What else? More pivoting happening (pictures this week) and this cowl is done:

It looks good, and now it is way too warm to wear it!

I'm sort of stumped on upcoming projects so maybe it is best to just persevere with the four on the needles (yikes). I have two pivoted projects, Sea Tangles, and a tank. There we go.

Monday, May 09, 2016


Kathy's meme today is all about big.  To begin, here are our BIG rhodies in bloom (always a crapshoot--some years they are gorgeous, some years blah).
*1 What is the bulkiest yarn with which you have knitted or crocheted? 
I've knit with plain old bulky, mostly early in my knitting life.

*2 What is the biggest size needle you've worked?  I did something on 17s once.

*3 Tell me about the WHOLE Enchilada...I like chicken enchiladas but I like burritos better.

*4 Would you rather wear a bulky bracelet, bulky earrings or a bulky ring?  This is easy--bracelet. I don't wear rings other than my wedding + engagement rings and my earlobe holes are stretched out so I can't wear bulky earrings.

*5 Name something oversized that you own and love? Jessie Cat is a bit oversized. We also have a very high bed that I love. 

*6 Which is bigger,  The number of Projects on your Ravelry project pages or the number of patterns you have faved? I don't really use those features--I've stopped posting project pictures since Flickr got all messed up, and I do favorite things I like when I remember to--so yeah.

*7  What is the biggest vegetable you have grown?  On purpose? Nothing.Volunteer? Wild artichoke.

*8  How large is your stash? It is big. Big big big. For the past year I have only bought yarn that I needed to finish a project. I can see that the amount is reducing but not as quickly as I'd like.

 *9 What's the longest vacation you have ever taken? Two weeks--we were in NZ for two weeks, I went to England and Ireland for two weeks when I was 28 and went to London and then on a transatlantic cruise when I was 26 (working backwards here obviously).

*10 What is longest you have gone without talking to another human being? When I lived alone in Boston, I could probably go an entire Sunday without talking to someone. I didn't think about it until I thought "oh I haven't spoken out loud all day."

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sunday random

  • I have about ten rounds left on Nova Scotia. I'll definitely knit this one again--I have black white and grey yarn in the stash to do so. I love the patterns and contrast. 
  • Happy Mother's day! The animals gave me a card and some truffles, and two colleagues that I mentored sent me flowers (they just had their first baby, Jihoo, and consider me the baby's grandmother since both their moms are in Korea).
  • We watched "Brooklyn" last night and it was a lovely, lovely movie. 
  • I'm reading "I'll see you in Paris" and I like it a lot. 
  • I planted four African daisies yesterday--the garden is great---I've had daffodils, then tulips, now irises, and the foxgloves are just starting. But that means by the end of May everything will be done--hence daisies.

Friday, May 06, 2016


A while back I told you about finding some gorgeous yarn buried in the stash and my plans to turn it into Morvarch. Well I gave that a try and this is not the yarn for Morvarch--it needs a true laceweight that is very smooth. Luckily, I have some offwhite  Suri alpaca laceweight in the stash--it is exactly the correct amount so once summer arrives I will try that.

So I pivoted (pivotted?) and now am turning this into the Geology Shawl. I think that will be a good choice for the yarn, and here it is already on the needles. Or needle.

For whatever reason, I'm kind of out of it today. I'm not sure why, I slept well last night and it has been a relatively low stress week. It may be some combination of:

-I did a new workout DVD yesterday and it was hard. I did it again today and it was even harder--I think because I could follow and do more of the hard moves. Where yesterday I did four ten minute segments almost in their entirety (it is a workout that is divided into ten minute hunks, with ten minutes devoted to a particular type of exercise), today I got to the end of a third hunk and could not go on. Then when I took the dogs for a walk before I went to work I felt I was really pushing just to get up a hill. So I think I got kind of beat up by the DVD.

-I got a new pair of computer glasses yesterdays--they're readers with a yellow coating to cut down on the bad blue light from computers.. And they're progressives, so that takes a bit of getting used to. and that might make me feel a bit off as my eyes try to adjust to them.

Other than that, it was a busy morning with a few meetings at school--then I came home and just kind of chilled out.

Hope all is well in your world!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Sometimes you just have to finish

While I really have enjoyed knitting High Seas, sometimes you just need to finish it. So I took some time yesterday and really concentrated on finishing it and voila. It is finished.

It is now soaking in the sink on its way to being blocked.
And yes it matches the laces on my trainers!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


I'm going to have to take a pass on the Ten on Tuesday today--the topic is ten things my mom used to cook and my mom did not cook. She could make spaghetti out of a box. And she mixed hamburger and soup together to make chili.

I grew up with my grandparents and most of our meals were sad affairs, for many reasons. So let's move on and enjoy all the poppies that are growing in our garden!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Monday Memeday

First Monday of May and of course Kathy has a meme.

* Do you follow any blogs that are not knit or crochet blogs? Kind of? I follow a few blogs about statistics and research  methods, and those people post once in a blue moon, hence the kind of.

*Do you wind your yarn into cakes or balls? Depends! If it is an untangly yarn then I'll wind it on my ball winder which, despite its name, makes a cake. If Tim is winding it (tangly yarn), then it will be a ball.

*What is the longest stretch you can recall not knitting? On vacation somewhere--maybe four days?

*Do you bake or buy birthday cakes? Neither? For my birthday last Saturday, we got fudge n the coast.

*Do you drink water every day? Yes she said, a bottle of water by her side.

*Have you given up on knitting a certain garment?Hmm not really, although I made a pair of baby pants once and I don't think I'll do that again.

*For the terrifying question there are several parts:
Have you ever been:
stuck in an elevator? Not that I can recall (and I think I'd recall!).

lost on a hike? Kind of? Certainly times we've lost the trail and it took a while to find it. But never 'lost in the woods we're going to have to eat the dogs to survive' lost.

run out of gas? I haven't but my mom ran out of gas when I was 12 and I was SO EMBARRASSED.

needed to have an emergency landing..?? No, but once we had to pull over on the way to the runway so the medics could come check out a guy. He was fine though.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Most Beautiful Day

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a magical day. We headed over to the coast for a long windy walk on the beach and lunch. We walked around the little town of Florence (buying olives, fudge and three freshly caught and cooked crabs). Came back and relaxed (we were tired--it was really windy) and then watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was a perfect day.

It was so sunny and bright that the iPhone camera really couldn't keep up with it--I think that is why these look a bit washed out. Anyway--we saw lots of driftwood on the beach yesterday, and many little huts that people have built. It was an Oregon episode of Tiny House Hunting! Here is me with Pilot (left) and Comet.

And Tim.
It was windy.

And there has been knitting happening---this is the Nova Scotia cowl that is maybe halfway done (in terms of rounds):

I really am loving this one.

I read a mystery called "Home by Nightfall" which is one of the Charles Lenox mysteries. Not crazy about it. Oh well.

Today, Tim is working on class stuff and I will be weed whacking and reading on the patio to top off this weekend. And crab for dinner!