Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Most Beautiful Day

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a magical day. We headed over to the coast for a long windy walk on the beach and lunch. We walked around the little town of Florence (buying olives, fudge and three freshly caught and cooked crabs). Came back and relaxed (we were tired--it was really windy) and then watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was a perfect day.

It was so sunny and bright that the iPhone camera really couldn't keep up with it--I think that is why these look a bit washed out. Anyway--we saw lots of driftwood on the beach yesterday, and many little huts that people have built. It was an Oregon episode of Tiny House Hunting! Here is me with Pilot (left) and Comet.

And Tim.
It was windy.

And there has been knitting happening---this is the Nova Scotia cowl that is maybe halfway done (in terms of rounds):

I really am loving this one.

I read a mystery called "Home by Nightfall" which is one of the Charles Lenox mysteries. Not crazy about it. Oh well.

Today, Tim is working on class stuff and I will be weed whacking and reading on the patio to top off this weekend. And crab for dinner!


kathy b said...

Happy Happy Birthday week! I love your blog and our friendship KIM!!!
Do you have a filter on your phone camera? I accidentally had one on mine by touching something I wasn't sure what I was doing. Once I found that out and got the filter off with a touch, colors returned to saturation normal!

Rachel said...

A little late with this but happy belated birthday! Sounds like a perfect day (any day on the coast is a perfect day!). GREAT picture of you and Tim!